Mar 302015
App Update:  Aquatic Key West Version 2...

I do manage to get a bit o’ coding in now and then.  I’ve updated the app for Aquatic Key West to version 2.0. The app has been updated for iOS 8 and reflects changes in the charters that they offer.  Aquatic now offers high end charters aboard their contender including back country, sunset, snorkeling, and […]

Mar 292015
The Pool Man Of Key West...

I mentioned I was working on a new website last week and here it is: The Pool Man Of Key West Danny and Paulette run one of the best pool care companies in the Keys.  They do everything from maintenance to repairs to leak detection and refinishing.  Located on Stock Island you can spot the […]

Mar 292015
A Walk Around Key West...

And I mean that literally.  A walk around the entire island.  On Friday night we had one of those cold fronts come through.  A big pile of rain and thunderstorms, followed by strong winds, which was really nice this time as I was high and dry, and never got so much as a drop of […]

Mar 242015

It’s been a few years since I have resided on land, and I have to admit, it is taking some getting used to.  Besides the fact I no longer rock every time the wind blows, and I don’t have to check dock lines all the time, there is a bit of nice comfort to having […]

Mar 222015

For the moment, I’ll be closing down this chapter of my life.  Not having a boat means I’m just another land lubber with a Captain’s license and nothing but war stories to share.  I do miss the boat to a certain extent, there was just something special about owning and living on a sailboat which you […]

Mar 202015

Not the movie although looking up the dance scene with Kim Bassinger is well worth the watch.  Nope, that is how long I plan on staying in this room I have rented out.  Overall, it’s ok.  8 x 10 with a ceiling high enough I can stand upright in.  A closet, which I don’t really need, […]

Mar 192015
The 100 Thing Challenge:  Spring Edition...

For those of you who are new at this minimalist way of living, welcome to the 100 Thing Challenge. The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul The 100 Thing Challenge was put forth a few years back by Dave Bruno who wanted to take […]

Mar 182015

When I was but a wee lad growing up in the foothills of some shithole in Pennsylvania, I constantly imagined a time when I could leave said shithole and travel.  I loved to read about exotic places, in particular, tropical island type places.  Anytime we went for a drive someplace, even if it was a […]

Mar 172015

Firstly, relax.  I’m not homeless, at least not yet.  Over the weekend I managed to secure a room to rent in Key West for a reasonable price so I won’t be sleeping under any bridges.  It’s a temporary spot which will have an actual bed, a bathroom, and wifi.  All much closer to the stores […]

Mar 112015
Welcome:  Key West Flats Fishing Charters...

The fishin’ off Key West is great with everything from tarpon to sailfish to snapper to sea serpents.  So if angling is your thing then you might be interested in the newest website on the Fritter Fleet:  Key West Flats Fishing Charters. Capt. Bill has been around for many a year and he know a […]

Mar 062015

When I first started this post I was intent on pointing names and naming fingers.  I even considered publishing email and phone numbers, just to fuck with those who have chosen to fuck with me.  Instead, I will rant here for a bit.  I doubt any of the “people” I describe here will ever read […]

Feb 252015

I have the boat up for sale, again.  But this time for sure.  I’ve bounced back and forth over this decision for a long time now and I’ve decided it’s time to give up living on the water, and move onto the next adventure.  Provided of course the damn thing sells. I preach a lot […]