May 302015

I’ve been back for just a couple of days now and already things are getting complicated, but in a kinda, sorta good way.  Allow me to ‘splain. I figgered on just sitting back here in this little room in Key West for the near future and try to build up some sort of cash reserve. […]

May 282015
Didja Miss Me?...

Yes, I was gone for a week.  Anybody notice?  Anyone at all?   Oh well, I’m back anyways.  Yes, I defied the laws of gravity and physics, survived not one, but two trips through the Philadelphia International Airport, and lived to tell the tale.  It was a long trip but worthwhile.  I’m glad I went. […]

May 162015

I’m sitting around playing on the computatater as I usually do these days, fiddling about here and there, when I suddenly noticed something.  Somewhere in mid fiddle, I found myself looking at boat ads…for like an hour.  Nothing special, just perusing what’s for sale here and there about the state.  There are a few nice 22′ […]

May 132015
Restored Gerstner Tool Chest...

A couple friends of mine down here have taken up a new hobby, restoring old wooden tool chests to their original glory.  They just finished up this one and I offered to show here on the Fritter in case there is anyone out there interested in the purchase of said chest. It’s quite a bit […]

May 102015
A Fritter Fan Visits...

This weekend I got a visit from Rich, a long time Fritter Fan and future Key West resident.  Rich came down for the weekend and on Saturday afternoon we got together for lunch at Hogfish and a chat about life, the universe, and everything. Rich hails from the northeast, currently working one of those regular job […]

May 092015

I won’t lie….just kidding.  You know I will.  But for the moment, humor me.  I’ll admit, there are times when I miss my jeep.  It’s been nearly 4 years since I became car free and really, it has worked out quite nice.  No gas to buy, no traffic to deal with, no parking headaches.  But […]

May 082015

Below average.  Boy, if I had a nickel for every time a woman said that to me, I’d have a dime…..Just kidding.  I’d be retired in Maui living in a beachfront tiki hut.  But enough about my love life.  This is about money.  For you readers who may be new to the Fritter, I ran […]

May 062015

Remember when he who shall not be named came in and bought up the marina where I was living, and wanted to kick out all the liveaboards?  You better because that was the main subject of this blog for nearly a year.  Remember when I mentioned that he and other rich bastards wanted to own all […]

May 042015

Things are slowing down here on the rock at the end of the world.  May usually marks the end of the busy tourist season.  There will be some small events here and there but for the most part all the big exciting stuff is over with.  The snowbirds, and their crappy northern attitudes, have returned […]

May 012015

It’s alway interesting, and sometimes a bit scary to actually meet and talk to the people who read or follow your adventures.  On the other hand, I have managed to score the occasional free lunch so it works out for the best.  In this case, I met up with Chris back in 2013.  He was […]

Rain? What Rain?…

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Apr 292015

As I type this out a large storm system is passing just to the north of Key West with a few rain bands coming across the island.  Today, as you are reading this, we are to get more substantial rain.  In fact, it’s the first real hard rainfall we have had here in quite a […]

Apr 262015
The Key West Bed Races...

Some places race cars.  Others airplanes.  In Key West, we race beds.  The annual Bed Race, which occurs every year, happened this past Saturday on the Duval Street speedway.  Ten teams put together a racing bed with their particular theme and trotted them out before a capacity crowd on the main thoroughfare in Old Town. […]

Apr 242015
The Conch Republic Parade...

While you people up north spent Thursday evening watching television or planning a big weekend of gutter cleaning, replacing the paper liners in your cabinets, or whatever the hell it is you poor bastards that don’t live on an island do, we here in the capital of the Conch Republic celebrated Independence Day the same way […]

Apr 222015

I still haven’t made any concrete decisions on the summer as of yet.  The only thing I know for sure that I will be doing is going up to visit family for a week over the Memorial Day holiday.  When I return to Key West I have nothing planned as of yet.  Finances are, as […]

Apr 192015
The Cow Key Bridge 0 Mile Marathon...

While you were spending your Saturday shopping for spring fashions at wallymart or fixing the lawnmower to get ready for summer, here in Key West, we spent our time a bit more wisely. The 2nd Annual Cow Key Bridge 0 Mile Marathon was held on Saturday and let’s just say, everyone had a mooovelous time. […]

Apr 152015
Digital Nomad:  Income Streams...

Or more like, income trickles.  Since it is income tax day, why not talk about income? One of the things any proper digital nomad, or any traveler needs, is an income.  Preferably, an income which doesn’t require massive amounts of time every day to produce.  If one is to go out and travel, visit new places, […]

Apr 132015
Lotsa Island Stuff This Month...

After the 15th when everyone gives their all to the federal gubbmint to continue to do whatever the hell it is they do, it means party time here in Key West.  Just kidding…it’s always party time here.  Anyways, the end of April usually marks the end of the heavy tourism season as our 27 minutes […]