Sep 032015

In what should come as a shock to nobody, the whore has returned twice since they moved out.  She came by briefly yesterday afternoon because she ‘forgot’ something.  Today she came back yet again around noon and since then she has been sitting in the yard with the radio going, right outside my window, drinking […]

Sep 022015

It got quiet. I haven’t been posting much about the drama with the living situation lately what with all the kerfuffle about the hurricane that never was and the new poison factory opening on North Roosevelt, but there was drama aplenty.  Let me get you up to date. I was dreading the weekend again because […]

Sep 012015

Key West, and the Keys in general, have some really great places to eat.  From street carts to 5 star snooty restaurants, the islands have got you covered for some good vittles.  Yeah, a lot of them can be a bit pricey, but if you take the time to look around, ask the locals, or […]

Aug 282015
Erika Update 1...

It’s Friday morning as I write this and the latest update to Erika has just been issued.  Here is where things stand for the moment: Erika is a tropical storm, not a hurricane and will probably remain so depending on where it moves to.  Meaning gale force winds around 50 mph and lotsa rain.  The […]

Probably Just As Well…

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Aug 272015

I had a very brief window of opportunity to head for Hawaii about a week ago.  It remained open up until 2 weeks ago and then things didn’t go quite as planned.  Which is why I am still here in Key West.  I know, I got it so hard.  Anyways, as things worked out, it’s […]

Aug 252015

Against my more better judgement, although I’ve never really had any more better judgement, I have paid for another week in the home from hell.  I really had no choice.  Finances are improving but not nearly enough to make a change.  I ran through all sorts of scenarios involving me doing everything from a straight […]

Aug 232015

For all the bluster and bullshit of Friday night, nothing has changed.  The evicted tenant is still in his room.  If he is leaving he is showing no signs of it so far.  The landlord has calmed down and said nothing more to my knowledge.  When I saw him yesterday he said nothing about what […]

Aug 202015

Firstly, a quick update on the living situation.  The landlord has pretty much come off the binge and is now working some temp stuff.  Next week a new job begins so for now, it appears to be stable.  He is still drinking but just the occasional beer. However, evicted friend and whore have pretty much […]

Aug 182015

Let’s take a break from passed out whores and drunken landlords shall we?  And move on to other things happening here at the end of the world. Yesterday I paid a visit to Kayak Kings for some much needed updates to the websites.  When I got there, namely to Cow Key Marina, the place had been […]

Aug 162015

You might remember early last week, in between drunk whores and abusive evictees, my iPhone battery was in need of replacing.  I went on and ordered a replacement battery with all the necessary tools to complete the repair, paid for said kit, and awaited it’s arrival this past Friday.  During the week I received no […]

Aug 162015

For those of you who have been following along with this current two week tale of love, drama, beer, and whores, it should come as absolutely no surprise to learn the whore and evicted friend are back together again.  Yup, apparently dead flowers and bullshit can conquer all. As I mentioned yesterday, evicted friend returned […]

Aug 132015

No, I didn’t move out.  Still here, still having to step over passed out whores in the morning to get to the fridge.  Nope, something else is over.  As of today, I am no longer a licensed Captain.  My 5 year reign of terror on the highs seas has come to quiet end.  No more […]

Domain For Sale:…

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Aug 092015
Domain For Sale: I bought this one for a friend who was going into the ice cream cone business.  Due to circumstances beyond her control, the store never got off the ground.  So, if you are looking for a handy domain to fit an ice cream type business, here you go. Price is for the domain only. […]