Nov 242014

Just in time for the holidays, in whatever way you may celebrate said holidays, if indeed you do celebrate any holidays.  By popular demand, the Manatee Fritters Store is back online at CafePress.  It features some nice shirts for men and wimmen, some hats, bandannas, and for the time of the year, some ornaments.  For […]

Nov 212014

As of the writing of this post last night, the boat is still on auction.  It has garnered a lot of activity with nearly 1000 views, 32 watchers, and 1 opening bit at $500.  I got until Sunday night at 8:00 pm eastern time for something to happen.  (Quick hint:  Sunday nights are good for […]

Nov 202014

Key West Transit, the local bus system has revamped their routes and schedules now that the North Roosevelt project is done….allegedly.  Some changes to the routes but everything else stays about the same.  Once you figger it all out, the bus is an easy and cheap way to get around the island.  Go here for […]

Nov 162014

I have the Free Spirit up for sale.  It’s currently on eBay as well as Craigslist.  It’s been a hard decision to make about this but I really need to fall back and regroup right now.  Selling the boat will give me some cash reserve to work with.  I have arranged to rent out a neighbor’s […]

Nov 142014

I noticed lately that I am starting to look a bit like someone who is now 60 years old.  Go figger.  My hair has continually gotten thinner over the years with a nice bald spot forming in the back.  What’s left is turning gray, or silver if I’m out trying to charm the wimmen.  Ok, […]

Nov 122014

It just seems that the rich will never be satisfied with what they got.  They always want more.  One of the few old timey marinas here on Stock Island has fallen prey to a new owner.  The Hurricane Hole marina located right on the corner of the Cow Key bridge and channel on US 1 […]

Nov 092014

For this particular post we are going to head off the island and go north about a 120 miles to the fair city of Ft. Myers, Florida.  There a friend of mine and former neighbor has embarked on a new adventure.  Namely, she has opened up a little ice cream shop in the tourist area. […]

Nov 072014

Got an idea for an iPhone app?  Perhaps you want to take your business into the mobile arena above and beyond a website.  It’s one helluva market sitting out there right now.  Hundreds of million iPhones are roaming around the planet.  And they all have access to the app store.  All of them. Take a […]

Nov 052014

Did you go and perform the most sacred of patriotic duties expected of an American citizen?  No, not pay your taxes, did you vote?  Did you go stand in line, get a ballot, fill it out with the candidates and issues of your choice?   And did you walk away with a sense of accomplishment […]

Nov 022014

I ran into a former neighbor from that “other place” where I used to exist, because calling it living there would be a stretch.  I asked how things were going and much to my surprise, it’s gotten worse.  Just kidding….I wasn’t surprised.  In fact, it’s going about the way I thought it would. Seems he […]

Nov 012014
The Minimalist Budget:  October...

When it comes down to it, overall I am having a pretty decent year in not spending.  As you can see in the numbers I’m at less than $14,000 on the year and around $45 a day.  Well below the $50 a day goal.  The only extra expense in October was the registration for the […]

Oct 302014
Updated:  Trawler For Sale...

The owner is motivated to sell this fine looking vessel.  Make an offer! No, not mine.  My neighbors are selling their trawler and heading off to other adventures.  If living on a boat in Key West is something you have dreamed about and have the means, this is one damn nice boat.  Virtually turn key. […]

Oct 292014

If you have been following the tech news over the past month you may have heard all about something called Apple Pay.  In a nutshell, Apple Pay is a near contact payment way of using your iPhone6, 6+/Watch to pay for something using your credit card, but without actually using your credit card.  Here is basically […]

Oct 252014

It happens with me quite a bit.  I settle in to something and after a while I get bored, disinterested, or fed up with what ever situation I am in, and I take steps to move onto something else more better.  That is where I find myself at the moment and I am not quite […]