Apr 222014

For anyone who happens to own a domain name, there is a scam running around that you should be aware of. A company that calls itself, “Domain Registry Services” is culling domain owners information directly from the internet and sending out fake invoices for domains that they claim are about to expire.  The invoice is [...]

Apr 162014

When you set out to write a blog, as I have been doing for some 3 years now, you expect a few comments, pro and con, and the occasional follower who may emulate some of your thoughts. But when you get word that someone is actually following your advice, or ideas, it gets a little [...]

Apr 122014
Mandatory Cat Pictures...

KC and Charley got to have some shrimp for dinner.  Charley even came out for a few minutes of head rubbin’s before heading back into the nether regions of the boat.  That is one strange cat. Cat pictures on the internet.  It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law. Capt. Fritter  

Apr 122014
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag...

And it’s small.  A lot smaller than the backpack.  Why?  Let me ‘splain. To say that I have embraced minimalism as a lifestyle would be an understatement.  For those of you who follow my ramblings you know that of my last inventory I was down to some 60 or 70 possessions, including the boat and [...]

Apr 112014

Things continue to settle down here with the new marina.  I’m starting to get back into a decent frame of mind again as all the tension, stress, and adrenaline slowly goes away.  Everyone has commented about how more better I seem to be since I moved.  It’s really starting to dawn on me how bad [...]

Apr 102014

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on Key West’s favorite construction project, mainly because all the stuff that affect the bikes and pedestrians on the outside lane is pretty much done.  With the exception of the little bridge west of the Overseas Market, the bike and walk lane looks to be finished.  It’s pretty [...]

Apr 072014

No, not that stupid game where you hit dented balls with bent sticks and then chase them around like an idiot.  I mean the Links Page rat’chere on the Fritter.  I just did an unofficial count and there are over 160 links on there for everything from minimalism to bicycles to mermaids and sea sirens.  And [...]

Apr 072014

Been nearly 10 days since I rejoined the civilized world and so far things are going pretty more better.  This fancy marina is living up to all that I hoped it would be so far.  It’s wonderfully quiet around here.  Oh, there are the usual marina noises you always get.  Every morning the fishing charter [...]

Apr 022014

Now that I have moved and things look fairly stable for a little while, you are probably wondering what the status is of the Spirit.  What kind of work does it still need and what is going to happen?  Well, here is a run down of what is left to do, repair/maintenance wise. Let’s start [...]

Apr 012014
The Minimalist Budget:  March...

Don’t look.  It’s ugly. Told you…Ugly. This is what happens when you combine stress with tax time, nosey marina staff, irritating neighbors, and an unknown future. You spend too much, eat too much, and make poor economic decisions. The best part? It’s over. I’m moved to a better place, taxes are paid, and I can [...]

Mar 312014

It’s still a bit early to make any real opinions on the new marina but I’m going to anyways. The changes from the, “other place” are so remarkably different and more better that it does bear some comments. As with anyplace there are good as well as bad things to contend with, so I will [...]

Mar 272014

It’s getting close, very close, and things are moving quite smoothly, too smoothly. I plunked down the first months rent at the new place and I can move in sometime over the weekend. I’m shooting for Saturday as that is looking the best for winds and tides. I have only some minor things to get [...]