Dec 192014

The marina is starting to fill up.  Boats are coming in from up north.  Other boats that have been vacant all year suddenly have people milling about on them.  The condos across the way are lighting up.  In town, the stores are packed and traffic is a pain in the ass.  Yes, it’s that time […]

Dec 172014
To Haint, Or Not To Haint...

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about Haint Blue porch ceilings, I went into town to do some minor things and whilst there happen upon two buildings that make a very good representation of the Key West of old, and where Key West is heading to.  First the future: Notice on this rather stark […]

Dec 162014

One of my neighbors and his girlfriend live on an old houseboat that they have been fixing up, pretty much ever since I have lived at this marina.  Seems every other day they are bring in a load of lumber and other construction materials for the inside which I’m guessing by now must have a […]

Dec 112014

About 7 years ago around this time of the year, I was winding down my career in motorcycles.  I was working a very bad gig at a Harley dealer in North Central Florida and I knew my time there would be up soon.  It was a miserable job in a darwin forsaken hole in the […]

Dec 102014
Living Aboard:  An Early Xmas Present...

As I was walking by the marina store I spied an official looking letter posted on the door.  Never a good sign.  And sure enough, it was bad news.  Rents are going up by $100 starting in January.  With the associated increase in tax too, my rent will now go up to $720.00.  It would […]

Dec 082014
Konch Kandles By Kris...

Whilst out visiting the pirate camp over the weekend I came across a former neighbor who used to live at that, “other place”.  Capt. Kris who runs Konch Kandles.  She had her traveling kandle wagon set up out at the park with a nice selection of decidedly tropical flavored kandles of all kinds and shapes. […]

Dec 032014
Oh Joy, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

…you know what. Here we go again.  Another happy fun joy holiday season.  For the next month we will be inundated with enough mistletoe, gingerbread, and reindeer shit to gag an elf.  Ringing bells, incessant music, in your face advertising, and fat guys with white beards getting just a little bit too jolly for their own […]

Dec 012014
The Minimalist Budget: December...

Firstly, let me give a big shout out and thank you’s all around for the recent spate of support some of you loyal fans have shown.  It was quite humbling to see all those donations in my Paypal box along with the supporting comments.  Nice to know that some of you enjoy the rantings on […]

Nov 302014
Time To Spice Up The Holidays...

And I ain’t talking frankincense or myrrh.  Everyone’s favorite Playboy playmate and super model, Nikki du Plessis has joined the Manatee Fritters store with her very own holiday ornament.  Add a little special something to your decorations this year with this sexy little ornament featuring Nikki.  Sorry, mistletoe not included. Capt. Fritter

Nov 292014
The Peanut On The Table Store...

By popular demand, I’ve added in a peanut section to the manatee fritters shop.  It has all the shirts and the baseball cap featuring the peanut logo, and by special request of the Cheerful Monk, one special ladies shirt. For those with questions, Cafe Press handles everything from taking the money to shipping and returns. […]

Nov 282014
Add Some Class This Holiday Season...

If you are one of those people who like to decorate the joint with geegaws and doodads to celebrate whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, if indeed you celebrate said holidays, here are a couple of new items on the Manatee Fritters store to gussy up your tree or Festivus pole, or whatever you hang […]

Nov 242014

Just in time for the holidays, in whatever way you may celebrate said holidays, if indeed you do celebrate any holidays.  By popular demand, the Manatee Fritters Store is back online at CafePress.  It features some nice shirts for men and wimmen, some hats, bandannas, and for the time of the year, some ornaments.  For […]

Nov 212014

As of the writing of this post last night, the boat is still on auction.  It has garnered a lot of activity with nearly 1000 views, 32 watchers, and 1 opening bit at $500.  I got until Sunday night at 8:00 pm eastern time for something to happen.  (Quick hint:  Sunday nights are good for […]

Nov 202014

Key West Transit, the local bus system has revamped their routes and schedules now that the North Roosevelt project is done….allegedly.  Some changes to the routes but everything else stays about the same.  Once you figger it all out, the bus is an easy and cheap way to get around the island.  Go here for […]

Nov 162014

I have the Free Spirit up for sale.  It’s currently on eBay as well as Craigslist.  It’s been a hard decision to make about this but I really need to fall back and regroup right now.  Selling the boat will give me some cash reserve to work with.  I have arranged to rent out a neighbor’s […]