Jun 272016

The days just seems to drag by up here in one of the most boring places on the planet.  I sit in my room all day like a lump trying to eke out some money on the computer.  In between, all I do is eat or go get stuff to eat.  I get no exercise […]

Jun 202016
Driving Outback...

It’s been nearly 5 years or so since I last owned a vehicle.  Despite my enjoyment of owning my old beloved jeep, I knew it was time to go without.  Since then I have relied on bicycles, mass transit, and my own two feet to propel myself across the planet’s surface.  Sometimes I miss the […]

Jun 172016

While I am living up in the cold, dank, rainy north for the moment, the place I am staying in does have it’s perks.  One of which is broadband internet.  But, I haven’t been using it because there is no wifi available for said broadband, until now. I’ve been paying Sprint an unDarwiny amount of money […]

Jun 152016

Been talking to long time Fritter Fan Rich, whom is currently stuck up north as I am for the moment.  While Rich has something akin to a, “real job”, whatever the hell it is, he has been busy playing around on Amazon. Seems Amazon has something called Amazon FBA.  What you can do is sign […]

Jun 132016
Traveling Out Of A Backpack...

This past trip gave me a good chance to refine how I pack my backpack and what works best where whilst out on the road.  Even though the trip was short I took everything which I inventoried in the last 100 Thing Challenge, just in case I wound up changing plans along the way.  I […]

Jun 122016

I’m back in Pa., all safe and sound from my all too brief trip back to Key West.  I was able to get all I needed to get done in the short time I was back on the rock and now I am going to just chill out for the rest of the year until […]

May 292016

If there is one upside to being stuck up here in the northern hinterlands it’s the fact I’m eating good.  Too good sometimes.  Everyone up here is really, really, into food.  If they ain’t eatin’ they are planning on eatin’.  Three squares a day plus plenty of snacking in between.  Obesity is not an epidemic […]

May 262016

It’s the week of Memorial Day.  I won’t complain about being in Pa. because normally I would be here this week any how.  It’s become a tradition for me to come visit now and later this week we will visit the graves of some of those past and then on Monday we will have a […]

May 222016

I continue on with my self imposed exile to the land which time forgot.  The days slog by with endless rain, fog, and dreary cold weather.  I rarely go outside other than to make the occasional run to the store, maybe go out to eat, and lately, do some chores for a relative who is […]

The Guide To Proper Key West Attire…

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May 152016

If you are going to go to Key West be it for vacation, to live, or loot & pillage, it does help to dress correctly for your island stay.  Nothing says tourist or mainlander like a heavy dark shirt, denim cutoffs, and socks with sandals.  If you are going to be on the island, look […]

May 052016

Cinco De Mayo, or the 5th of May, has somehow become a national holiday in the U.S.A.  Essentially it has become another excuse to go out, get drunk, and eat bad food.  Like all the other invented holidays we have.  While everyone is out slurping down margaritas and destroying their lower intestines with burritos and […]

May 012016
Living In The Land Of Fog And Walkers...

It’s Saturday as I write this and it’s been 3 days since I’ve seen the sun shine.  Really, it’s been foggy, cloudy, and rainy for 72 hours straight with no end in site.  This is what the view has been like out the window… And this is on a good day. This is the weather […]

Apr 262016

I’ve been told…again…I should go out and get a, “real job”.  Let us examine this premise for a bit. The phrase, “real job” leaves me a bit confused.  What the hell is a, “real job”? I have built and now host about 10 websites and monitor a couple more.  Granted, it’s not a lot of […]

Apr 242016
The 100 Thing Challenge - 2016 Edition...

Yes, it’s time once again to take stock and inventory.  A quick rundown of all my worldly possessions, packed into one little bag.  In case you have never heard of the 100 Thing Challenge, it was created by one Dave Bruno about 6 years ago.  He wanted to show how one could live without all […]

Apr 192016

Last week I returned to Key West, mainly to take care of some minor but important things.  Having taken care of said things I stuck around seeing if I could find a place to stay, at least for a month or so until I returned back up north.  I looked everywhere and for anything, even […]

Apr 142016

Even with my fancy new Marmot backpack, I’m always looking for ways to save on space and take up as little room as possible.  So I did some research and came up with a rather handy and inexpensive solution. I picked up a pack of Ziplock Travel Bags and gave them a try.  These things are […]