Jul 052015

If you drive down through the Florida Keys chances are anytime you pass water, which would be that long flat wet stuff on either side of the land part, you will see old or abandoned boats floating or half sunk.  They are everywhere down here and it is a problem.  These boats are all well past […]

Jul 042015
Moving To The Florida Keys:  Now On Amazon...

Yup, that’s right.  My world famous book about moving to the Florida Keys is now available for sale on Amazon.  For all of you people who have one of those Kindle thingies, you can now download the book and read all about moving and living in the Keys.  I wrote the book about 3 years […]

Speaking Of Visits From Corporate…

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Jun 252015

I sorta kinda got one yesterday, by mail.  Ya’ll remember back in the dark, dank days of this past winter when I signed up for the wonderful program called Obamacare?  I really didn’t want to bother with all the health insurance bullshit, because all health insurance is…bullshit.  But, because our beloved and all knowing all powerful gubmint says […]

Jun 242015

There has been a marked changed in attitude of the staff at the Publix lately.  Suddenly, everyone is extra friendly, except for the woman who cleans the bathrooms.  I’ve never seen her smile.  But everyone else seems to be just so eager to help you with your food choices.  You’ll notice it the most back […]

Jun 142015

Really and truly.  A job.  With Google.  In fact, lots of stuff has been happening lately.  I’ve been notified of a cure for my tinnitus.  I got special deals on renting jets.  I can pick up a yacht anytime I want.  Trip to Hawaii?  Lot’s of good deals there.  Plus, NASA has accidentally found a […]

App Update: Manatee Fritters 4.0…

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Jun 092015
App Update:  Manatee Fritters 4.0...

I’ve done another update to the Manatee Fritters app.  4.0 has some minor changes to the look and feel but the big thing is now you can access the app on your Watch!  That’s right Fritter fans, if you happen to have an Watch and the Manatee Fritters app, you can do not one, but […]

Jun 092015

It looks like Maui will be put on hold for the time being.  As much as I want to go, it just ain’t feasible at the moment.  Here’s why… At the end of June a friend of mine is going out of town for an extended road trip of about 2 weeks.  She asked me […]

Jun 072015

I’ve finally got caught up a wee bit since returning from my week up north and I can now take a little time and write some about the trip.  The seven days I spent up there was the longest I did since the loss of a close family member.  It wound up being a pretty […]

Jun 042015

At least, not in Florida anymore.  Seems the City of Cape Coral is taking a heavy handed approach to a woman who’s house is not hooked up to the electric/water/sewer grid.  She was taken to court for multiple code violations, found guilty, and ordered to vacate her home, which she owns.  The judge in the […]

May 302015

I’ve been back for just a couple of days now and already things are getting complicated, but in a kinda, sorta good way.  Allow me to ‘splain. I figgered on just sitting back here in this little room in Key West for the near future and try to build up some sort of cash reserve. […]

May 282015
Didja Miss Me?...

Yes, I was gone for a week.  Anybody notice?  Anyone at all?   Oh well, I’m back anyways.  Yes, I defied the laws of gravity and physics, survived not one, but two trips through the Philadelphia International Airport, and lived to tell the tale.  It was a long trip but worthwhile.  I’m glad I went. […]

May 162015

I’m sitting around playing on the computatater as I usually do these days, fiddling about here and there, when I suddenly noticed something.  Somewhere in mid fiddle, I found myself looking at boat ads…for like an hour.  Nothing special, just perusing what’s for sale here and there about the state.  There are a few nice 22′ […]