Sep 012014
The Minimalist Budget:  August...

And good riddance to this month.  It was nothing but bullshit from the internet going out, to the kerfluffle at the kayak gig, to just trying to come up with some money to pay Sept. rent.  Nothing seemed to go right in August.  It was an extremely stressful month, but I did somehow manage to [...]

Aug 312014
She's Baaaack!...

Key West’s favorite little Sea Siren has returned to the states.  That’s right, Nikki du Plessis is back and she will be coming to Key West on Sept. 6th for meet and greet and to show off her indy film, The Sea Siren, at the Tropic Cinema in Old Town.  Nikki spend a grueling summer [...]

Aug 302014

Get ‘em while they are hot.  From now until Sept. 9th, all my paid apps will be on sale for the incredibility low price of $.99 each.  One can only wish to find such bargains elsewhere.  Anyways, in anticipation of the big Apple event coming up on that day, now is the time to grab [...]

Aug 272014
New App Alert: Pirates And Wreckers Of Key West...

Avast and ahoy Fritters.  The newest iPhone app from your’s truly is now out and for sale on the app store. Pirates And Wreckers Of Key West This is a fun little app that starts out with some of the history of piracy and the wrecker trade here in Key West and the Keys.  Did [...]

Aug 272014

On August the 12th, the powers that be on this rock held a little ceremony to celebrate the completion of the three year North Roosevelt Renovation and Driver Nuisance Project.  I’m no expert on road construction, well actually I do have some experience shoveling that shit, but it seems to me when you celebrate the [...]

Aug 252014

Some of you have on occasion written to me to ask about what it takes to become a top notch, first rate, highly sought after, app developer.  I don’t have any idea.  But I can relate how things are going with my little spot on the app store.  And it ain’t pretty. The wifi is [...]

Aug 222014

Stupid plugin quit working so I’ll do it the old fashioned way. Got a couple items on eBay this weekend: The motor I have on the sailboat. Briggs & Stratton 5hp air cooled 4 stroke outboard. My neighbor’s 1981 Marionette 37′ Motor Yacht in need of a new bottom. If you are interested contact me [...]

Aug 192014

I’ve got so much to catch up on, now that the death star is fully operational again, it’s hard to know where to start.  So, while I figger that all out here are some bits from the past few weeks or so. As I mentioned the North Roosevelt Project is now complete.  It’s all new [...]

Aug 182014

I have internet.  It was restored today and whilst a bit slow, it is working.   Gimme a day or two to catch up and I’ll get back to posting again. Capt. Fritter In the meantime, does anyone know how the internet works?  It’s been awhile.

Still Down…

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Aug 142014

More than a week since the lightning strike and Beacon is still down. It was promised to be fixed this morning and someone did come by and do something. But whatever it was, it still doesn’t work. I’ve been very patient through all this but that is about to come to and end. This is [...]

Aug 122014

It’s here. Finally, after years of heartbreak, denial, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments, our long island nightmare is over. At sometime today, a bunch of Key West big wigs, politicians, and other worthless entities will meet across from the Searstown, and cut a ribbon to officially open the new North Roosevelt Avenue. The [...]

Aug 092014

Beacon came in on Monday and replaced the burned out routers. I had full working wifi. On Thursday around noon a small storm came through and a bolt of lightning hit very close. My next door neighbor said his LED lights on the boat lit up. Guess what happened to the shiny new Beacon equipment? [...]

Aug 072014
Posed Butterfly Yoga...

Another Fritter fan has taken the plunge and gone into business for herself.  Alanda, up on Cudjoe Key has opened Posed Butterfly Yoga, and is now giving yoga classes on Cudjoe and Big Pine Key.  She does everything from beginner to advanced to private lessons. If yoga is your thing and you are down this [...]

Aug 062014
The Minimalist Budget:  July...

Better late than never.  What was planned as a cheap month got out of hand rather quickly.  A lot of little stuff added up and the month wound up way more expensive than I was hoping for. Consumables got out of control.  It just seemed like every time I turned around I was needing something. [...]

Aug 052014

17 days after the forces of nature destroyed my means of inter web communication, it has been restored.  Beacon is now working for the moment.  I’ll get caught up here in a bit, if I can remember how this internet thingie works. Capt. Fritter