Feb 252015

I have the boat up for sale, again.  But this time for sure.  I’ve bounced back and forth over this decision for a long time now and I’ve decided it’s time to give up living on the water, and move onto the next adventure.  Provided of course the damn thing sells. I preach a lot […]

Fritter Apps…

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Feb 202015
Fritter Apps...

As I mentioned before, I have revived Fritter Apps as a stand alone site for app development and promotion.  The site is now up and running and includes the following: App development:  If you are interested in getting an app developed this is where you start.  All the basics are there including a handy form to […]

Feb 162015

Or at least that is what my old man would call this exercise in digital futility.  That’s right folks, the Fritter is 4 years old today.  What started as a few musings about living in the Keys has blossomed into a brand in it’s now right, however small it may be.  Apps, sunsets, Fritterisms, musings […]

Feb 152015
A Rough Week...

Firstly, let me say that I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of sympathy and messages that I have received over the last few days.  From comments here, to Tammy’s touching post on the peanut, to some of my followers on Twitter, it’s really helped me get through all this.  Obviously, the loss of a pet […]

Feb 112015

Back in the spring of 2003 I was living in a motorhome on Cudjoe Key.  It was my first foray into living in the Keys and when I had moved down the year previous, I brought with me an old black and white cat named Harley, whom I adopted from a friend.  Harley was pretty […]

Feb 092015

While I’m dealing with all the issues of boat motors, marina rules, and general nonsense, other matters have come up that need some attention…and money, always with the money. Next week is the deadline to sign up for the now mandatory national healthcare.  I’ve been putting it off as long as I can and mainly […]

Feb 052015

  It’s been a hectic year so far and it’s only February.  I’ve been on the brink of homelessness, to making the rent and bills with ease.  All within just a few weeks.  January wound up way more better than I thought and the first few days of February have been quite nice income wise. […]

Feb 012015

Let’s step away from all my recent issues and talk about something else.  Despite what the title of this post suggests, this story is not about my ex-girlfriend.  Island Girl is a boat.  A 37 ft. Viking sport fisherman with huge twin Mercury inboards, plenty of chrome, lots of fancy equipment, and a huge opening […]

Jan 272015

As of this writing I still have not heard any updates regarding moving the mooring.  It was the weekend and it has been windy.  But time is running very short.  The marina manager has been quite nice about all this and in fact would prefer I stay.  For the rent of course.  But we do […]

Jan 252015

Yesterday we had one of those wonderful cold fronts come through the Keys.  During the winter it works basically like this.  A cold front comes down from the hinterlands and sweeps across the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s easy to trace on radar because it forms a long line of intense rain and thunderstorms.  Ahead of […]

Jan 242015

CYA means, “Cover Your Ass”.  I’m waiting to hear if and when the mooring will be moved to the new location so I can more better plan on what will happen from there.  But given the nature of what I need and all, I have put the boat back on the market for sale.  Time […]

Jan 232015

Today I gave notice to the marina that I will be departing in some way, shape, or form at the end of the month.  No matter what else happens, I ain’t coming up with another $720 to stay here.  I either get towed out, sail out, or walk out.  For now, it looks like towing […]

Jan 222015
Living Aboard:  Forget This Option...

Yesterday I took a ride over to the harbor to scout out the dinghy dock and the approximate location of the mooring that I am thinking of going out too.  First, this is what the dinghy dock looks like: As you can see, it is full up.  It costs $80 a month to tie up […]

Jan 212015
Living Aboard:  Decision Time...

Well, looks like it’s time for another change.  Like it or not, it would appear that my days here at this marina are about to come to an end.  For one, the rent is now out of reach.  $720 vs $612.50 is beyond what I can afford, not that the latter was any easier, but […]