Jul 242016

You unfortunate people on the mainland may have heard something now and then about how laid back and relaxing living on an island can be.  Not just Key West but any island.  I can speak from experience when I say it’s all pretty much true.  When you settle in on an island, life takes on […]

Jul 222016

Everyone is losing their shit over a little heat wave around here and apparently over the rest of the any part of the country not desert nor tropical island.  I mean, what the hell is going on?  A heat wave in late July?  Surely it is the end times.  People are in an absolute panic […]


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Jul 182016

This was always the prime indicator it was summer up here in these Darwin forsaken mountains.  The first corn harvest.  We always go to this particular farmers market as they seem to have the more better corn than anyone else.  As soon as they open there is a crowd waiting in line.  They bag it by […]

Jul 162016

No, it’s not an euphemism for being sexually abused in Pa.  FOAP is an neat little app which allows all us budding photographers to maybe make a buck or two. A quick tip of the Tilly to Rich in Joisey for sending me the link to this sure to be a money making enterprise. The […]

Jul 142016
How Do You Like Them Apples?...

It ain’t all bad here.  If you stay away from the restaurants there is some good food around.  Some of it is just now ready for harvest like these: These are Lodi apples.  Very similar if not the same as the store bought Granny Smith.  A bit softer but with the same flavor.  They are […]

Jul 132016

I’m not a big fan of eating at restaurants.  For the most part, I find restaurants to be over priced, uncomfortable, and the food less than appealing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some I do enjoy going to now and then.  But they are local spots with a certain flavor to them.  Places where […]

Jul 082016

When I heard about it I predicted it.  And it looks like it will be happening. The it I am referring to is the new condo project at Sunset Marina.  Back in the far corner of said marina in the older parking lot, the developers decided to build some more condos.  About 60 or so. […]

Jul 072016
All Seasons, All Holidays...

Take a look… What you are looking at is not the back storage of the local wallymart.  This is the garage which belongs to the apartment where I am currently staying.  Most of what you see here, including more shelves back against the wall, is decorations.  Decorations for all year round.  From New Years till […]

Jul 042016

Look at this monstrosity. I’ve been told it is a, “pie”.  But I don’t see any evidence of Key Lime.  Do you see any Key Lime?  I don’t.  It’s because there ain’t any.  Key Lime pie is yellow, not red.  And what’s with the criss cross design on the top?  Is it crust?  On top […]

Jul 032016

Cause it sure as hell ain’t here. As I write this sure-to-be-award-winning-post on Saturday, July 2nd, here in the hinterlands of Pa., the forecast for tonight is for lows in the 40’s.  40 degrees…in July.  I’m trying to think what the benefits of a temperature in the 40’s is good for and I can’t think of […]

Jun 272016

The days just seems to drag by up here in one of the most boring places on the planet.  I sit in my room all day like a lump trying to eke out some money on the computer.  In between, all I do is eat or go get stuff to eat.  I get no exercise […]

Jun 202016
Driving Outback...

It’s been nearly 5 years or so since I last owned a vehicle.  Despite my enjoyment of owning my old beloved jeep, I knew it was time to go without.  Since then I have relied on bicycles, mass transit, and my own two feet to propel myself across the planet’s surface.  Sometimes I miss the […]

Jun 172016

While I am living up in the cold, dank, rainy north for the moment, the place I am staying in does have it’s perks.  One of which is broadband internet.  But, I haven’t been using it because there is no wifi available for said broadband, until now. I’ve been paying Sprint an unDarwiny amount of money […]

Jun 152016

Been talking to long time Fritter Fan Rich, whom is currently stuck up north as I am for the moment.  While Rich has something akin to a, “real job”, whatever the hell it is, he has been busy playing around on Amazon. Seems Amazon has something called Amazon FBA.  What you can do is sign […]

Jun 132016
Traveling Out Of A Backpack...

This past trip gave me a good chance to refine how I pack my backpack and what works best where whilst out on the road.  Even though the trip was short I took everything which I inventoried in the last 100 Thing Challenge, just in case I wound up changing plans along the way.  I […]

Jun 122016

I’m back in Pa., all safe and sound from my all too brief trip back to Key West.  I was able to get all I needed to get done in the short time I was back on the rock and now I am going to just chill out for the rest of the year until […]

May 292016

If there is one upside to being stuck up here in the northern hinterlands it’s the fact I’m eating good.  Too good sometimes.  Everyone up here is really, really, into food.  If they ain’t eatin’ they are planning on eatin’.  Three squares a day plus plenty of snacking in between.  Obesity is not an epidemic […]