Oct 302014
Updated:  Trawler For Sale...

The owner is motivated to sell this fine looking vessel.  Make an offer! No, not mine.  My neighbors are selling their trawler and heading off to other adventures.  If living on a boat in Key West is something you have dreamed about and have the means, this is one damn nice boat.  Virtually turn key. [...]

Oct 292014

If you have been following the tech news over the past month you may have heard all about something called Apple Pay.  In a nutshell, Apple Pay is a near contact payment way of using your iPhone6, 6+/Watch to pay for something using your credit card, but without actually using your credit card.  Here is basically [...]

Oct 262014
It's Not All About Nudity, Drinking, And Acting A Fool In Public (NSFW)...

There is a serious side to Fantasy Fest™.  A lot of work goes into this event.  It requires cooperation with the city, the county, transportation, law, enforcement….just kidding.  It’s totally all about nudity, drinking, and acting a fool in public.  And there was plenty of all that and more Saturday afternoon and evening with the [...]

Oct 252014

It happens with me quite a bit.  I settle in to something and after a while I get bored, disinterested, or fed up with what ever situation I am in, and I take steps to move onto something else more better.  That is where I find myself at the moment and I am not quite [...]

Oct 232014
Welcome To Soggy Fest...

Update:  This morning the forecast looks like the storm will die a lonely, meaningless death in the hill of Mexico and not affect the Keys at all.  Subject to change by tomorrow of course. It’s been a very mild hurricane season this year, unless you live in Bermuda.  Virtually every storm stayed out to sea [...]

Oct 202014
Another 10 Years Shot In The Ass...

A lot can happen to a person over the course of 10 years, as we currently measure time on this planet.  For one thing, at the end, you are ten years older then when you started.  Over a decade, your body goes through a lot of changes, your weight, your height, all fluctuates.  And your [...]

Oct 112014

Docking a boat can be tricky.  Docking a boat in windy weather can be real tricky.  Docking a boat that is 10 feet to big for the slip in windy weather…well, got see what went wrong with that yesterday. I don’t profess to be very good at docking a boat.  Getting it safely in and [...]

Oct 092014
App For Sale:  Pirates & Wreckers Of Key West...

App Name:  Pirates And Wreckers Of Key West Language:  Objective C Current Status:  On the app store for sale. Price:  $1000. Pirates And Wreckers Of Key West is a fun little app all about pirates and wreckers here in the Florida Keys and Key West.  The app opens with a tableview of the contents. There [...]

Oct 092014
NAUI Instructor Crossover Course...

Shop Amazon – Up to 30% Off Select Wetsuits & Accessories The NAUI Instructor Crossover Course (ICC) is designed to train and qualify current non-NAUI recreational scuba instructors to train diving students and register them for NAUI certification. During the course, candidate instructors learn effective methods to teach skin and scuba diving in compliance with [...]

Oct 082014

Are you an iPhone app developer looking to add some apps to your lineup?  Perhaps a beginner in app development who wants some app code to play with and have an app on the App Store?  Here’s a chance to get started.  I have a nice bunch of app code and templates that I will [...]

Oct 012014
The Minimalist Budget: September...

And I thought August was bad.  August was a cakewalk compared to the bullshit I went through in September.  Sure, the numbers are not all that different, but damn.  The expenditures were not the problem.  It was income, or to put it more specifically, a severe lack thereof.  The entire month was one of tension, [...]

Sep 192014
Manatee Fritter's Guides To The Florida Keys...

A new feature on the iTunes app store now allows apps to be purchased as a bundle saving you a few dollars in the process.  So taking advantage of said new feature I present to you the Manatee Fritter’s Guides To The Florida Keys.  Four essential apps if you are coming to the Florida Keys.  The [...]