Feb 162011

Manatee Fritters is not a recipe, besides, they are too tough to clean.  What this blog’s about is minimalist and green living in the Florida Keys.What is minimalist living?  It is a lifestyle based on living more with less stuff.  Less clutter, less debt, less restrictions, which means more freedom to live and do the things you want to do in life.  There will be tips on adopting a minimalist lifestyle, both in your personal and business life.  And a few examples on how the Fritter here is adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

Green living is exactly what it sounds like.  Appreciating the fragile environment of the Keys, both on and off the water.  There is plenty to talk about regarding how to take care of our little slice of the tropics and keeping it as green as possible.

Lot’s of stuff coming up so bookmark the page and follow along.