Mar 202011

I wrote a post about the dollar and suggested trying the experiment of never spending a dollar bill.  So, to illustrate, I am going to keep tabs for a month or so and see how I do.  Up in the header you will see the words “Current Total” with a number on it.  That will be the current amount  I have saved by not spending any dollar bills.  I’ll update as I go along and give a blow by blow account of any cash I spend and how many dollar bills I have acquired or if I broke the rules and spent any.  Feel free to play along and post your progress in the comments section.  There is no prize for who ever saves the most.  You’ll simply have a big crumply wad of dollar bills to do with what you want.

To start with, I had $23 in singles on Sat. morning Mar. 19th.  I also had a bunch of cash from some paddle board rentals along with $8 in wrapped coins.  Since I had a specific bill that needed to be paid I went ahead and deposited all the cash and kept 2 $20 bills in my pocket.  I did some grocery shopping, delivered another rental and with in a few hours I had $10 in singles.  (It adds up fast).  So, I will start with $10 in singles and update the totals as we go along.  Anyone got more?

Have Fun!  Get the kids involved too.  Show them how fast they can save money.

The Fritter