Jun 232011

I’m a geek when it comes to computers and electronic gadgets. In particular, Apple based products. I got my first iPhone over two years ago and my first MacAir soon after that. Now I am down to two devices, an 11″ MacAir, and an iPad2. I dropped the iPhone as the iPad duplicated everything the iPhone did. I replaced the expensive ATT contract with Skype and added a cheap $10 Tracfone for basic phone calls, of which I do very little of. Now I am at the point where I would like to have just one single device to handle everything and it’s a tough decision.
The MacAir is by far the best laptop I have ever had. It is an absolute joy to work with. It handles all my needs easily. Blogging is a snap, designing websites, other web based projects, it handles with ease. It’s small size makes it easy to carry around and it does have decent battery life. The new Lion OS coming out this fall looks very exciting and the new iCloud service fits right in with my way of doing things online.
The iPad on the other hand is also a joy to work with. I got it originally to use in the field for my paddle business. I can download rental forms, fill them out, have customers sign off on them, and take credit card payments. I can also blog and pretty much handle most of what I have been doing with the laptop with a few notable exceptions. No printing, which is no big deal since I rarely print anything anymore. Difficult if not impossible to build websites on the iPad. Some of my websites are not fully functional under the iOS system. As of right now the iPad does about 70% of what I can do with the laptop. But the new iOS 5 coming out this fall appears to narrow the gap between laptop and tablet. So what to do?
I would just as soon keep both devices and go on but budget requirements may force me to give up one or the other. Logic dictates I hold onto the laptop for now as it does everything I need. Temptation says go with the iPad and see if I can make a go of it just using the tablet. Could make for a nice book project. And besides it is just so….minimal. A nice thin basic device that has no peripherals, just a charger and that’s it. Although the laptop is not much bigger.
Well, for the moment I will keep both and see what happens in the next few weeks. I do foresee a point where the iPad will work as the only device I will need. It just isn’t quite there yet. But it’s getting close.
The Fritter