Jun 262011

Yeah, you wish.  Let me rephrase that.  My final post, on my laptop.  This week begins the Grand Experiment.  I am going to attempt to live using only my iPad.  Perhaps I should clarify.

I have two computing devices I use at the moment.  A Mac Air laptop and an iPad.  I needed both when I was running paddle board rentals but now that has stopped and I find myself at the point where one device should do everything I need.  I know the laptop will work fine.  I can blog, write, and pretty much do what ever I need going forward.  But the iPad is just about to the point where I can do everything on it, with a few minor exceptions.  There is nothing wrong with either device, the laptop is like brand new and works to perfection.  Same with the iPad and with the new OS5 coming out this fall it will become a stand alone device.  No more needing a computer to sync up with.  The new Lion operating system is also coming out soon for the laptop and from what I have been reading in the rumor mills, Apple is slowly moving toward one size fits all OS for all devices.  So I’ve decided to try an experiment and see if I can make the iPad work for everything I need.

When I first saw the iPad it didn’t really impress me.  “Big iPhone” is what I thought.  Then I got one, as a gift, and started using it, and using it more, and using it more.  The beauty of the iPad is it’s simplicity.  No extra crap other than the charger.  It’s small, thin, and light weight so it is easy to carry around.  No mouse, no keyboard, no big bag to haul it around in.  As computers go it is a minimalist wet dream.  But it does have it’s drawbacks.  Typing takes some getting used to with the touch screen and is way slower than a standard keyboard.  Seeing as how I am a slow lousy typist, no big deal.  You can’t print off the device.   Well you can, but it’s not a simple task.  Again, not a deal breaker as I don’t even own a printer anymore.  Some websites don’t work very well with the operating system.  That is their fault, not the iPad’s.  With millions of these things on the market it won’t take long for most websites to catch up.  Right now the only real problem website I have is Quickbooks online.  For some reason they are slow on the uptake when it comes to keeping up with Apple.  Same with some government sites but half of them still use something called Windows XP.

So why the big experiment.  Several reasons.  First, I could use a little extra cash right now and I can get a decent price on the laptop.  It will be on eBay very soon, like later tonight after this post is published.  If you are looking for a good deal on a used MacAir, $1000 will put it in your hot little hands, contact me at fritter@manateefritters.com as soon as possible or take your chances with the auction.  Second, it is something I have been kicking around for awhile since I first got the iPad.  I love using it and the fact it is so minimal.  Third, this experiment, whether it lasts a few weeks, or permanently will make for some great blog posts and maybe even another book down the road.  So in the future I will be blogging my adventures on the iPad, talking about any problems or issues I run into, and going into a little more detail on how the device is working along with some app revues.

I am probably jumping the gun a bit in terms of the abilities of the iPad.  The new OS system coming in the fall, the iPad 3 will follow sometime after that.  But I am at a crossroads at this point and it seems as good a time as any to give it a shot.  So, the laptop hits the market later tonite, I need to do a few minor things to get it ready to sell and do one final sync of the iPad.  And it’s off and running.  So follow along and see what happens.  Comments are currently closed but I may reopen them if the spam crowd stays the hell out of the way.  If you have any questions or pointers send them my way.  It should be fun.

The Fritter