Jul 072011

I was going to back off on the posts for awhile after lasts week’s abundance of best selling, over the top, greatest posts ever and just go back to the weekly schedule I set for myself. But a minor incident happened yesterday that just stuck with me all night and today. So much so that when I happened upon this link on Twitter, http://exilelifestyle.com/4-heartless-logical-reasons-happy/, I was inspired yet again to add to my growing list of stuff nobody is reading. Yet.
It was a simple thing. I went to the local bank to deposit my rent in my landlord’s account. I rarely use checks anymore, just seems like a waste of time, so I went in with cash, filled out a deposit slip, and handed it all over to the teller. Now, I didn’t have exact change so I gave her an even amount and expected to get back $5. Pretty simple. But no. In my haste I didn’t properly fill out the deposit slip by expressing my desire to get my $5 back. I failed to notate that on the slip along with failing to add my signature for the $5 in question. The teller went into a mild panic. First she had to count the money twice and then said I had given her the wrong amount according to the slip. I said yes, just give me back $5. She panicked more, stumbled and mumbled a bit, and then decided that we would have to fill out a completely new deposit form. Rather than delay her and cause a scene and a possible heart attack on her part, I let it go, left her fill out the new slip, signed it accordingly and got my $5 change.
I was reeeeaaallllyy tempted to start something. I wanted to tell her that it really didn’t matter and nobody cared but why bother. Somehow, filling out that new deposit slip and “properly” accounting for how that $5 was disbursed really mattered in her little 9 to 5 $12 an hour world. No doubt there is someone else in that corporate ladder who’s livelihood also depends on accounting for that $5. I guess when it comes down to it, there are idiots who feel that whole fabric of time and space will fly apart if we all don’t properly account for all the little details.
Here is a clue: It doesn’t fucking matter now, and it will matter even less as time goes on.
Little anal retentive details like these are one reason why I am fighting so hard to maintain self employment. I’ve worked for people like this. Go back and read my post on the dollar bill episode for a good example. I have had bosses and co workers so wrapped up in minute details that were absolutely meaningless, yet they became obsessed to the point of violence over them. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Sure, I understand that in some cases, oh like surgery, or flying a mission into space, minute details may be of some importance. But does anyone really give shit how $5 in change is given out? I wonder how that poor teller handles all the daily stress her job creates. Or maybe she doesn’t realize if and believes it is all part of the way things are. Maybe someday she will wake up and realize just how unimportant things like that are and get out of a situation like that. But I doubt it. It’s too easy to be sucked in with promises of steady paychecks, alleged benefits, and a false sense of security. So you put up with it because the alternative, where you are dependent on your own wits to survive, is just too scary for most people to comprehend. What a shame.
The Fritter
Maybe next month I’ll pay the rent in pennies. Just for fun.