Aug 132011

It has been a little over a week now since I sold the jeep and so far I haven’t had any withdrawal pains. There has been no sellers remorse nor have I suddenly sat up and gone into a panic. Quite the opposite actually. I turned in my tags, surrendered was the term the tag office used. I paid for the damn thing and then they act like they have laying siege to me until I finally gave the thing up. Anyways, I cancelled the insurance, got a refund back. That really made me feel good. That is one expense I will not miss. And finally closed my SunPass account and got a few bucks back. And that pretty much closes the whole deal out. All I have left is my drivers license.
I don’t find myself missing anything to do with driving so far. There hasn’t been a situation come up where I regret not having the jeep. They started paving US 1 this week right in front of my park. Traffic backed up all over the place as I go pedaling by on my cheap ass bike. Don’t know what the price of gas is at the moment and don’t care. I bought a bus pass so I can travel to Key West on the cheap now. If all goes well I should be living there in a month or two.
Riding just a bike now I find myself planning trips a bit more carefully. Runs to the grocery store have become more frequent since I can carry less. It also means fewer spur of the moment runs to go buy something I don’t really need.
I could get used to this no car routine real fast. But it’s only been a week so we’ll see what happens. For right now though, it is just fine. No stress, no worries.

The Fritter