Aug 202011

Having rid my self of all those nasty physical possessions I decided to continue the minimalist mindset by consolidating my online possessions too. I had three blogs going at once and it had become a bit of pain to keep relevant content on all three. So I decided to fold the other two, pedal fritters, and mango water sports into the fritter blog where all the traffic seems to be anyways.
Pedal fritters was just quick experiment to see what I could put out there for the bicycle crowd. But there are so many other bike blogs it seemed I was just rehashing the same stuff. So better to send the traffic here.
Mango was another matter. This was my paddle board company. This was the money maker when I was renting boards but I ain’t renting boards anymore and it seems unlikely I will get back into it anytime soon. So I am shutting Mango down as a website and a company and moving on. It was great learning experience but the thrill is gone. Rather than let it whither and die I moved the storefront here to the fritter where it may get a bit more traffic. We’ll see how it does until the end of the year and go from there.
With the move to Key West coming and a possible income opportunity it is better to have just the one blog to manage and by far the Fritter has been the most fun. So for now, this is it. If you found your way here from a redirect, welcome to the Manatee Fritters. There is lots of fun stuff here and more to come. Spread the word, tell your friends, and follow the Fritter on Twitter.

The Fritter