Aug 222011

You would think being a minimalist would make moving an easy chore. Just pack up the back pack and go. Well, not quite. It was a little more adventure today than I was planning on.
I got up early and took the first bus south to Key West from Marathon. I wanted to get there early, pay the first month rent, and get moved in today in case Irene decided to foul up the weather later in the week. No big deal. I took my back pack, loaded to the seams with as much as I could pack into it. Turns out I either need to reduce some more or get a larger pack. Anyways, I caught the bus and headed south. Got to the marina, paid the rent, signed the lease, and I was on my way. But I had another trip to make yet. I hadn’t thought my cunning plan through of going car free when I decided to move. I still had two cats, their litter box, feeders, another bag of stuff, and a bicycle that I really wanted to bring with me. I do want to get a better bike but finances dictate I keep this one a bit longer. But without a car I needed to find a way to transport this second load. The bus was out. They are not too keen on pets and have no room for bikes. I was going to rent a car but since I had changed banks early last week I didn’t have my new debit card yet. And it may not have mattered as most rental car companies will not accept a debit card. So my other choice was a taxi. Turns out there are several taxi service in Marathon who are happy to run you down to Key West…for the princely sum of $110. But I had no choice, and wanted to get this over with today. So around 2:00 a taxi showed up and as the driver rolled his eyes I loaded up the bike, the bag, and two very pissed off cats. And off we went to Key West. About 3/4 of the way down I heard a loud squeaking sound coming from the front of the car. Then it stopped. Then the ac went out. Then the radio. Then the car started to overheat. The driver managed to limp it into a gas station where the engine shut off and lots of bad smells came from under the hood. We opened it and as I suspected, the belt had snapped leaving pieces all over the engine and me with two whining cats about 2 miles from my new home. So I called another cab, the old cab paid for the fare, and finally made it to the new home at 4:00.
Once I got the cats in the new place they promptly ran into the little closet area where they have been ever since. It’s a bit noisy with the ac running and they are not used to the noise yet.
Next I needed a bed as the new place had none. So another bus ride into town to the Kmart and a taxi ride back, another $20, as the bus was running a bit ahead of schedule. Got a bed, well, more like just a mattress but it will do.
Then finally, a bike ride to Publix to get some food to tie me over for a couple of days. Not a bad ride, a little further than I had in Marathon but it is ok. And now I can relax a bit. Tomorrow I get to go back to Marathon to finish cleaning out the rv and turn in my key. Then I can come back and relax for a week. I got a job interview next week. Wasn’t looking but this one came up and peaked my interest. It is a retail position but in something I know a little about and want to expand on so we will see how it goes.
For now, I am officially living in Key West.

The Fritter