Aug 242011

Yesterday I had it all planned out. Get up early, catch the first bus to Marathon, get the rv cleaned up, turn in my keys, and be back home before noon. So…
Got up early, walked to the bus stop in a light rain with lightning bouncing all over the place. As I was getting to the stop 10 minutes early, the bus went whizzing by without so much as a fuck you. I can accept them being a bit late but c’mon. Needless to say I was not happy. I checked the schedule and the southbound was due in about 30 minutes so I trudged to the next stop and waited in the growing heat with more lightning. The bus came but the little bastard would not let me on since he was southbound. New driver and he followed the rules to the letter. After I cast dispersions upon his ancestry and sexual preferences I gave up and went home. I came back up to the stop for the next northbound around 12:40 in the afternoon. Got there an hour early just to make sure and finally got going. At least I got the rv done and turned in the keys but I didn’t get home until 8:30, only 8 hours later than I planned. Complete waste of a day. But I am about done moving. Today I need to start the fun task of address changes and that will be it.
Finally I am in Key West.

The Fritter

  One Response to “More moving adventures…”

  1. i know it’s great to be car free. but sometimes they’re a wonderful convenience!
    where i live, you might as well forget it if you don’t have wheels. you’ve heard “the wild wild west?” well this is the wide wide west. everything is so spread out it would take you all day to accomplish something incredibly simple. (in triple digit heat no less!)
    the best thing you can do is only make a trip a week or every 2 wks for food or whatever.
    i would love to live somewhere that i don’t need one.
    someday. i admire you a lot.