Aug 302011

A few weeks ago I proclaimed I was at the point I wanted to reach in terms of reducing my possessions down to the bare essentials. Yeah I am there but I still need to fine tune a few things here and there. Not anything major like going car free but when I moved I realized I was still keeping too much.

Tools: When I had a car and a motorcycle and a house, etc. I kept a large assortment of hand and power tools in the garage. And I used them a lot. As I got rid of mechanical things I reduced my tool collection down to only what I needed. Now I have a few minor essentials, some metric sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers for one single purpose…bicycle repair. They come in handy for pulling a wheel, something I seem to do a lot as this bike seems prone to flats. I considered getting one of those all-in-one tools and reducing more but for now what I have will work. I did have to add an air pump as the new digs have no air station.

Furniture: I had none when I moved but I had to add a bed. In this case a simple mattress and pillow. About $65 for the both. Not the most comfortable but it will do. The cheap table and chair that came with the apartment suffice for the rest. No need for lamps or anything else.

Kitchen stuff: I moved in with a spoon, fork, butter knife, steak knife, and paring knife. No pots or pans. The apartment has a fridge, toaster oven, and microwave. Same as what I had at the rv. I went to the dollar store and added a couple plates and a glass. I may splurge later and add a bowl.

Digital: For the moment I combined all my websites into the Fritter to save some money on monthly fees. I am probably going to change that soon and re launch Mango, Pedal Fritters, and possibly one or two more as niche sites. One to try and build some income, and two, to clean up the Fritter site a bit.
As for gadgets, as I have been chronicling here, still just the iPad and a $10 cellphone. I have yet to see a need for a computer.

Transportation: Far and away, a bicycle is the best way to get around Key West. You can park anywhere, traffic is slow and respectful of your right to use the roads, (so far), and it is cheap. The bus service is there and I have used it quite a bit but I suspect I will use it less as time goes on. There are several taxi services which are pricey but there if you need them as a fall back.
As for the jeep. I do not miss it. Despite the fact it would have come in real handy for the move I am glad to be car free. I can keep the bike and everything else I own inside the apartment so I no longer have to worry if somebody is outside messing with my car. And I have no idea what the current price of gas is nor do I care.

Wallet: once my wallet was one of those massive chain leather jobs with my entire life documents in it. Now it is a small billfold with my drivers license and bank card. Sometimes I keep a few dollars in it but I find myself going out more without it. I am tempted to pull the card and license out, stuff some play money with the letters YBF written on them, incase some urban outdoorsman should want to relieve me of it. I still have my passport wallet with my mariners credentials but I rarely carry it anywhere.

Beyond that there is not much else other than clothes, the backpack, which I tend to carry a lot more for shopping, and of course, the two cats with their litter box and feeders. I want for nothing. I need to only add some food now and then. And that is it. It is a very nice simple life in Key West. It would be nice if it would last for awhile.

The Fritter

YBF=you’ve been fucked. Thieves hate it when you do that.