Sep 122011

Decided to go catch sunset on Monday night. The crowd was about half the size of the one over Labor Day. Beautiful evening.


The Western Union out for a sunset cruise. I often have a dream of getting my own catamaran sailboat and taking groups out for sunset. Then I look at my shrinking bank account and get all depressed.



Some days the dreams feel like they are within reach. Other days it seems like they will never happen. Today seemed like the latter.



Not sure but I thought I heard cannon fire when these two passed each other.



Rav and Angela from London on their last night in Key West. They were having a good time other than Rav had misplaced his girlfriend. They were still looking when I left.





The Fritter

  4 Responses to “Monday night sunset…”

  1. oh my friend the fritter…
    any of these would make beautiful paintings.
    my family (on my mother’s side.. my dad was a texan) lived on the st lawrence seaway in the thousand islands area of ny.
    some of the islands are privately owned and quite large with “cottages” that obviously are mansions on them, as you know.
    sometimes we would do the tourist thing and take the ferry around the islands just for fun and to people watch. there was always a guy sitting on one with his lawn chair and a beer cooler. he would toast the ferry as it went by and got much applause and good natured laughter.
    now… that same little island has a ‘tiny house’ on it that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.
    to me you are that guy. you have discovered (before it’s too late) to value the important things in life. i know it’s hard to survive in this economy if you’re not a cubicle clone…
    but to me you are the famous fritter. a character bigger than life, so to speak.
    instead of the big dream boat…
    what if you managed to buy a smaller boat with motor and simply take out moonstruck couples on their honeymoon or anniversary or whatever… or people like the brits in the picture above….
    good ole’ american ingenuity they’ll be tellin’ em back home.
    “should have seen this guy! he was cool! he had a beer cooler or little bottles of wine and he took us out to see the sun set over the keys in his little boat. it was more private than a big one with bunches of people on it. we’ll remember it from now on. and can’t wait to go back.”
    …. or something like that. i think your life fits you and the dream could too.
    still think good morning america might be interested in you…
    uh-oh… tho with fame… comes notoriety… then you’d have to move again!
    love from your land-locked envious friend,
    tammy j