Sep 152011

It has been almost a month now since my move to Key West so I thought I would post an update on how things are going.
Overall I am very happy here. I love the general atmosphere of the island and despite a few minor setbacks and irritations I could see myself staying here for a long time. I hope.

Housing. The apartment in the marina is working out great. The cost is minimal and what it lacks in creature comforts it more than makes up for in ease of maintenance. Wipe down the counters, drag a broom across the floor and I am done. Then do it again a month later.
It is a bit noisy sometimes but it is a working marina. Sometimes others that live here like to get a but happy in the evenings but it is still better than a bunch of screaming kids or a diesel pickup pulling up to my window and idling the engine for hours on end. I haven’t seen my first electric bill yet but it shouldn’t be that bad. And with the less hot weather moving in soon the ac won’t be running as much.

Transportation. I really do not miss the jeep. As I have said many times, Key West is about the perfect place to live car free and that is proving right. I am giving the bicycle all it can handle and so far so good. I try to make a habit of at least once a day riding a lap around the island. A distance of about 8 miles or so. I take my time and my camera along, it is where I got the idea for the gingerbread house series and bike of the week over on Pedal Fritters. I take a slightly different path every time and explore the back alleys and neighborhoods just to see what is back there. Sometimes I bring a little cash along and stop at the store for some food on the way back. It’s nice to not have to worry about traffic, parking, gas, insurance, etc.
I haven’t been using the bus hardly at all. I see no reason to spend the money when it isn’t necessary and I have been finding the drivers to be a bit rude and surly. So I will use the bus only as needed.

Diet. I have been cutting back on food and I am trying to limit my budget to around $10 per day. That may not sound like much but if you are careful about what you eat, stay out of the restaurants, and are cooking just for one it is surprisingly easy. I keep the meals simple and I try to stay away from anything branded or in a box. I stick with the bakery, produce, and meat sections at Publix. If and when I do start making a decent income however I plan on hitting some of the restaurants around the island. I have been making a mental list of some of the spots I want to check out. But that is for a later time.

Entertainment. Riding the bike, catching the occasional sunset, maybe a walk down Duval has been about it. Now with football season on I will be spending Sundays at a local watering hole sipping club soda and watching the games. It doesn’t cost much and I enjoy it. I haven’t been doing much else as it all costs something in short supply right now, money.

Income. The job I was trying to get fell through. I failed the interview. Too much snark came out as I suspected it would. I can’t stand the job interview process. Tell me what the job is, I will tell you if I can do it or not, and let’s go from there. Can the silly ass interviews wanting to know my three greatest strengths or weaknesses. Oh well, a rant for another time. I am looking and with the winter tourist season about to kick into full gear in October there should be plenty of throwaway jobs. Things are not desperate yet but they could be soon. The blogs are growing but the money is not coming in yet. I have some ideas for some ebooks but they will take some time.

So as I said earlier, it has been pretty nice so far living the minimal life in Key West. I have been keeping things simple and basic, and avoiding anything over complicated or stressful. If I can put together a steady income stream then things will be looking real good for the foreseeable future.
Minimalism really is an easier way to live.

The Fritter