Sep 212011

This house is located on Southard street. Take a close look at the gingerbread.


Yup, those are little gingerbread men.


They go all around the front porch. How many people even have a house with a front porch these days?


And two guard dogs out front.


By the way, virtually all these places have extensive landscaping. The lots are very small but there are many exotic tropical plants, pavings, and other things you won’t normally find. The one thing you definitely won’t find? Grass. One of the worst and most wasteful ways to use up land. Grass does not grow naturally in the Keys and most of Florida, yet northerners brought that mindset that a lawn has to be green cut grass. In fact most neighborhoods have severe penalties for not having grass lawns or keeping care of them. In reality, grass sucks up water like crazy and is expensive to maintain. It attracts weeds, fire ants, and other pests. It is not natural down here. You will rarely see it in any of these places if at all. Instead you will find shady, cool, tropical like gardens that really set the property off.
I would love to grab every homeowner association tyrant, every government code inspector, every builder, by the scruff of the neck, drag their sorry asses around these neighborhoods and explain to them how to make a real neighborhood.

The Fritter

Then I would just like to take them out back and beat the living crap out of them for 20 minutes or so. Can’t stand people who stifle individuality and independence.

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  1. awe come on captain…
    tell us how you really feel.
    this is my favorite house so far.
    tammy j