Oct 012011

If you have an interest in minimalism as a lifestyle and have been following this or any other minimalist blog you know that one of the first things we preach is to eliminate all debt. Not just some debt, ALL DEBTGONE!.
I cannot express in words alone how important it is to eliminate debt. And as I have said in previous posts, I have been there. At age 40 I was $65,000 in debt and unemployed. As late as last year I had a $16,000 credit card debt. Now? All gone. I am debt free and living in Key West. Bragging? You betcha! It was a hard long road and at times seemed it seemed like it was hopeless. But I kept pounding away and lo and behold, Praise Jebus! I got debt free. I did it, so can you. Need some help? I can’t give you any money but here is a good little helper in the form of an app called DebtMinder. It’s a handy little app that let’s you organize all your debt on the screen. Then you pick how you want to pay things off. The app applies the snowball effect. Start with the smallest debts while making minimum payments on the larger. As you eliminate the smaller debts you have more money available to apply to the larger debts. The app will track your progress and help you make the decisions as to where the money should go. Eventually you should, if you are disciplined, be able to knock down your debt until it is all gone. It can and will happen, trust me on this. And if all it takes is a simple little $1.99 app to help you get started towards a debt free life then it is worth it.
Being out of debt is a feeling that rivals good sex, whatever the hell that feels like. The sudden loss of stress, the slow realization of the freedom you have gained is unimaginable. Suddenly you have the freedom and ability to do things that you could only imagine when you owed all that money. Need an organizer to help get you started? Here is the link. Have at it…And start paying that debt off…

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Capt. Fritter