Oct 062011

Another little side road that gets you off the beaten path in Key West is Little Hamaca Park. Located on the north side of Key West International Airport, Little Hamaca Park is not anything spectacular but it makes for a nice little ride out of the traffic. The park itself is little more than a few acres of lush native vegetation. There is a small parking lot and bike rack. From there you follow a trail well marked back through mangroves, over salt ponds and eventually end up at a canal that leads out to the main channel between Key West and Stock Island. You get a chance to see what the island originally looked like centuries ago before the natives moved in and built the first bar. I didn’t see much wildlife other than a few iguanas but it was relatively quiet except for the roar of airplanes landing and taking off at the nearby airport.
To get there go down Flagler ave. to Government Road. There is a Key West Urgent Care office by the entrance. Follow the road back along the airport and where it makes a sharp left you will see the park on the left. Here are a few photos:






Capt. Fritter