Oct 242011

The brand new schooner America 2.0 has made port in Key West harbor. She is down for the winter and will be doing daily sailing trips for the next six months.
105 ft long with 3600 sg. ft. of sail she is a sleek and beautiful ship made of carbon fiber. When not under sail she uses battery power and small diesel engines.
Rumor has it that they will be offering free 2 hour sails over this coming weekend, Oct. 29th and 30th for locals. If I get more information I will post it here on the Fritter. And you bet I will try to score a spot if I can. In the meantime here are some shots of the beauty in part in front of the Schooner Wharf Bar.






And a few other scows that are in port for the weekend…



Capt. Fritter

I’ll take the sailboat thank you.