Nov 022011

Just the place to sit and have a rum runner and a shrimp cocktail.



Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Key West gingerbread house…a shady porch…”

  1. yum! yes.
    i spent yesterday afternoon browsing through all your archives again.
    you’ve come far captain!
    my favorites still made me laugh… like moving your dirt…
    you are inspiring in many ways.
    my dream is not the tropical paradise…
    but the misty cool piney coast of the pacific northwest.
    i will get there someday. and reading about people
    like you who ‘just do it!’ helps tremendously.
    next year i will be totally debt free. (except for the little cottage
    that the … gag… bank and i own). but am seriously reconsidering
    that too. i have very, very little. never liked stuff. it’s smothering.
    thanks for being you captain and for being there.
    love from your favorite little stalker,
    tammy j

  2. Had to tweet this. I ride when I can – but will have to do this all next week. More people certainly should.
    My website is Business Travel.