Nov 112011

While the butthurt boat race trolls are busy flinging their poo at me on other posts, here is a short video of sunset for those of you who appreciate such things. Sorry for the poor quality of the video. First one and had trouble all day getting the damn thing to load up. But here it is.

Capt. Fritter

I don’t think Spielberg has anything to worry about. But, it was fun to shoot.

  3 Responses to “Schooners, seagulls, and sunset…”

  1. wow.
    it just got better and better.
    here’s a thought… NOT a complaint… but….
    for those of us who never get to see or hear the sea…
    would rather just hear the sound of waves and seagulls
    rather than guitar music! (others may differ)… just me…
    i cannot imagine getting to see this kind of sight every night.
    tammy j

    • The background noise wasn’t very good. Had people all around me yakking and the street performers blowing whistles and yelling. Plus the wind was drowning out the rest. I’ll work on it.

  2. gotcha.