Nov 182011

Not sure if a tiny house is for you? Try renting one to see how you like it. Here’s a place to start…Tiny House Rentals

Capt. Fritter

And I added some good links to other tiny house sites on the links page

  3 Responses to “Tiny House Rentals…”

  1. thanks captain!
    another great post.
    i fell in love with tiny houses the first
    time i saw a video on dee williams’ house.
    i especially like the tiny green cabins.
    oh how i could live in one!
    but… don’t want one in someone’s back
    yard like tammy & logan on rowdy kittens…
    though i love their tiny house and their blog.
    so… wish the reality wasn’t what it is in the
    way of politics, power and money. always money.
    and rules and rolls of red tape! ah well.
    thanks for the great info and links,
    tammy j

  2. yum.
    and close enough to hear the ocean?
    or ride their on the bike?
    yes. i can see it.