Nov 262011

This post is for the person who has a minimalist on their gift list and is wondering, “Just what the hell do you buy a minimalist for the holidays?”. Well, NOTHING, we are freakin’ minimalists! Haven’t you been reading this damn blog for the last 10 months? If you have a minimalist on your gift list, go up to them, shake their hand and say, “Thanks for saving me all that money you pretentious bastard. Now go back to living out of a smelly rucksack so the rest of us can enjoy the holidays.”

…Just kidding. Buy them something totally useless and impractical and watch them squirm as they try not to insult your generosity. Ask them repeatedly throughout the next year how they are enjoying your gift. Be sure to ask to see it when you visit them.

But really, minimalists like gifts too, just on the more practical side. The upside of minimalism is we are low maintenance when it comes to this sort of thing. So, as a service to all you loyal followers of the Fritter, here are some gift ideas for that pretentious bas…errr…minimalist on your gift list. I promise to keep it simple and cheap, like my exgirlfriend.

Gift Cards…I know, the lazy way out but trust me they come in handy. For example my wardrobe only consists of about 2 dozen shirts and shorts. They get used a lot and wear out fast. Only I know what styles I like so I prefer to pick my own. I love to get my clothes at BassPro so I always look forward to getting a card or two from there. It’s nice to be able to replace a shirt or shorts or score a new pair of TopSiders.
Cards for restaurants are nice too. A good meal makes for a bit of a change of pace from our usual fare of watery gruel and stone soup.
If your minimalist has a favorite place for groceries or a particular coffee shop, a gift card for there is appreciated.
For the geek, an iTunes gift card goes a long long way. Being able to add apps to the old iPad or download a movie or two comes in real handy.
While gift cards may not have the whiz bang effect of a big box with overpriced wrapping paper and bows, the gift itself is appreciated. Trust me on this one.

Travel…is your minimalist car free? Hope so. Do they rely on a bicycle as their main transportation? If so it opens up a whole list of stuff. Tires and especially tire tubes are always needed. Just be sure to find the right size. Maybe a new set of lights, a bell, or basket. Or a new lock and chain. This is easy stuff and won’t break the bank.
Do they use public transportation? How about a long term bus pass or subway pass?
Do they fly alot? Airline credit always comes in handy.
Is that smelly old ruck sack they are using about at the end of it’s economical usefulness? How about a replacement?

Simple Stuff…my mother gets me simple things that may not seem like a big deal but in reality are nice to have. Things like toothpaste and deodorant, or maybe she is trying to tell me something. Basic toiletries like a new toothbrush always come in handy. I usually don’t have to buy any of that stuff until well into the year.

Cold Hard Cash…you never go wrong with this one. Easy to shop for, easy to wrap, always appreciated. Or if they are a traveller, pre paid debit cards. Nice to have when you are on the road.

Something Homemade…how about a basket of home made goodies…cookies, special treats, or sticks and twigs in that special sauce for the vegan. Just make sure the basket is recyclable or usable. You can never go wrong with food.

See? It isn’t hard to buy for a minimalist. Just keep it simple and practical, and don’t incur any debt in your purchases. Remember we only have what we need, we use what we have. Now go enjoy the holidays.

Capt. Pretentious Bastard Fritter

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  1. great post captain pbf.
    as a matter of fact … perfect.