Dec 062011

As much as I hate to give this asshole any publicity, his website pretty much tells the story.  A drunk with no respect for law enforcement nor the environment.  If people like him no longer want to come to the Keys, that is fine with us.  He can take his money elsewhere.  
Boycott The Keys
Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Boycott the Keys????….”

  1. spent 2 seconds on his blog just to check out what prompted your comment.
    prefer my venom from real snakes.
    in any profession there are good ones and bad ones.
    one of the good ones in our large city was asked to break up a fight in a restaurant pub.
    not even a regular bar. this good cop was at the end of his shift, actually off duty and
    didn’t want to bother his wife by cooking or for her to cook for him…
    a fight broke out and the manager asked him to stop it. there were three of them and
    they were drunk and huge. two of them held him down and the other stomped on his neck.
    the good cop is now paralyzed from his neck down and will be in a wheel chair the rest of his life.
    he has 3 little daughters. the real pigs are out on bail, awaiting trial.

    • I’ve had shrimp larger than that baby lobster he caught. Bastards like him are why the lobster population is so depleted. As for the DUI stops, spend any time down here and you will see why they have them.


  2. amen. if they stopped idiots from running over my captain on his bike… or a child or a pet…
    amen. they have my appreciation and full support.
    and … taking care of our oceans and forests and innocent animals and creatures on this planet
    seems to be a red flag anymore that angers people so. well, yes those people say they are only 1. but now there
    are 7 BILLION of us. so it sort of matters what each 1 does.
    somebody has got to care.