Jan 282012

So how often has this happened. You’re bored, nothing else to do, so, why not go shopping. “Let’s go to the mall and just look around”. You don’t need anything but you go anyways. And what happens. You buy stuff. “Look, it’s on sale!”. Next thing you’re coming home with a couple bags full of junk you didn’t need and hadn’t planned on buying. Impulse shopping can be some of the most expensive shopping out there. And there is no need for it.

Don’t let shopping replace your social life. You can find better things to do. Cheaper things to do. And not have to come home and figger where to put all that new stuff you just bought. There is plenty to do in the world and it don’t have to involve unnecessary spending. Take today for example. A beautiful day here in Key West. High 70’s, sunny, light winds. I take off around noon on my bike for a ride around the island. As usual I bring the camera along. So what do I find?

Kayaks and paddle boards out on Cow Key Channel…



An arts and craft show down on Whitehead…




By the way, go over to Pedalfritters to see more of this bicycle and others that are to be raffled off.

Took a walk down Truman Annex and looked at the grand old houses including The Southern White House…




And of course, there were pirates…


That mug held tips, not rum.

This beats the hell out of the mall or Wally mart. And it didn’t cost a dime. (well, I did tip the pirate) So what did you do on this Saturday?

Capt. Fritter

One word of caution though…never ride down Duval during lunch time if you haven’t eaten all day. Garlic, shrimp, BBQ, hotdogs, popcorn. The smells are sheer torture.

  3 Responses to “Shopping…ain’t you got better things to do…”

  1. did you proud cap! i took a 2 mile walk in a wilderness area we have here.
    i know! you could do two miles without blinking… but for me… not so bad, old girl.
    man i wish i could stand the heat of your summers, i’d head for that beautiful place in a minute.
    course, our summer last year couldn’t have been any hotter! and it’s not nearly as gorgeous as the keys.
    i was thinking the breezes off the ocean might make it feel cooler. no?

  2. alas… no.
    and yours is a fairly good looking one at that. i like his beard.