Feb 102012

Back in 1993 around this time of the year a very unique and quirky tv series ran on Fox. This was back when Fox was an edgy studio before it got all right wing nutty. The show was called, “Key West”, and it was all about, as you may have guessed, Key West. The premise of the show was the story of a factory worker from New Jersey who wins the lottery, sells everything, and moves to Key West to be a writer. The series follows his adventures as he meets up with a variety of interesting and crazy characters on the island. The hero is played by an actor named Fisher Stevens and featured a supporting cast including Jennifer Tilly and Denise Crosby. Most of it was shot on location right here in Key West and if you know anything about the island you’ll quickly recognize many landmarks and buildings in the shots. What’s interesting is not too much has changed in the 20 odd years that the show was filmed.

The series only lasted 13 episodes but quickly gained a small cult following. I remember watching it, back when I was still watching tv, and talking about it with some friends who had an equal interest in all things Key West. The show was very off beat with some unique story lines and I suspect could have gone far had Fox not pulled the plug. I’m not much on television these days but if you have any interest in Key West the show is a must see if you can find it. There are some grainy clips on YouTube that somebody transferred from old VCR tapes but finding the whole series on DVD is about impossible. Fox has never digitized the series nor released it on disc. Probably because it was well written, fun to watch, and no longer fits their right wing ideals.

Anyways, here is the IMBD link…Key West The Series and if you search on YouTube try the same phrase. It’s really a neat show if you can find it. I suspect one day I may come across it here in some small store somewheres on the island.


Capt. Fritter

No, it’s not my biography. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the same room with Denise Crosby. Jennifer Tilly? Yes. Crosby? No.

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