Mar 092012

From millionaire to 10 things. This guy is serious. Bonus: when I read the story 41% who voted in the poll on the side owned less than 100 things.

Captain Fritter

  2 Responses to “Minimalism, some of us are really into it, then there is this guy…”

  1. Watch the video here.

  2. wow. thanks for the article capt… and the video jack.
    he’s a very likable guy.
    fascinating that his children opted to be with him instead of their mother. i disagree with his sister. she is
    like so many people who cannot or will not try to understand minimalism. it’s not about deprivation… it’s about “things that have real value” not just more and more and more expensive “stuff.”
    they may not have the requisite designer clothes and shoes and rich toys of their peers… but they have the time and attention of what seems to be a very loving and sensible father!