Mar 162012

Since I’ve moved to Key West I’ve applied for somewheres around a dozen positions, possibly more. Every job I’ve applied for I was qualified to do, maybe even slightly over qualified. Of all those applications I’ve gotten back three actual replies and interviews. Two had the decency to call me back and tell me they had hired somebody else, no reason given, but at least they showed the professionalism of an answer. The other interview, which I thought was going fine and was going to result in a hire was a no go. In fact, I called a few days later and the manager who interviewed me would not answer nor return my phone call. I still have no idea what the issue was and his lack of professionalism and manners doesn’t say much for the company.

Then there was today. An ad ran for a position that looked attractive. Nice little store, good location, the type of work I have done in the past. So, I got up early, took a shower, shaved, cleaned up, hopped the bus into town so I wasn’t all sweaty, got to the store and filled out yet another application. Turned it in only to find out the person doing the hiring had taken off for a week. Let me get this straight. You need to hire someone. You run an ad. Then you leave town for a week? WTF? Chances are my application is already in the garbage bin.

As you might have guessed by now, I’m getting pretty damn frustrated with this whole process. I’m not sure if this is specific to Key West or if employers are acting like dicks all over the country since unemployment is high and they can afford to be choosy. But here is the thing. Applying for a job is a humiliating experience. Trying to guess what the employer is looking for. Wondering if any little thing might set them off to not hire you. Filling out useless applications that ask questions totally unrelated to the position….(Do you really care which elementary school I attended?). Sitting through mindless interviews where some manager reads off a scripted set of questions. Waiting at home for some sort of a reply. It sucks. It’s why I prefer to be self sufficient. It’s why I would rather not bother with any of this shit. But reality is, I’m not making enough to support my lavish and extravagant lifestyle. $50 a day doesn’t grow on trees you know. And for right now I am forced to debase myself and find employment the old fashioned way.

We who answer your ads for job openings do so with the hope and expectation of getting hired. We know there is competition for said jobs and we may not necessarily get hired. That’s ok. But we do deserve the simple dignity of an answer, a reply, a reason why we didn’t get the job. A simple phone call, a quick email. Failure on the part of the employer to do so shows a complete lack of professionalism, manners, and politeness. If we at least know the reason why we were not hired it may help us to polish ourselves up and be ready for the next opportunity that comes along. But no. Be it laziness, or more likely cowardice on the part of the employer, it’s a piss poor way to run your business. A few jobs I’ve not gotten have turned up again indicating that whoever they did hire over me did not work out. Well, they know where to find me. Maybe I’ll answer, maybe I won’t. It works both ways.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Can’t figger it out…”

  1. hello.
    the mouth here.
    as always.
    but you touched a chord. so i apologize in advance to your other followers for what will be a long winded comment.
    but then they don’t need to even read it really.
    first off… you are completely right. the age of decent manners and if you even want to call it protocol…
    correct or otherwise is long gone. it vanished so slowly and so completely that we of a certain age who
    remember what it was and how, even if the outcome was less than one wanted, at least it was a fair and
    kindly way to find out.
    once after searching and searching… i went back in person and asked “i know that i didn’t get this job.
    but i am here to find out why so that i might know and change whatever it was that made you not think i
    was worth hiring.” i was told to wait. i waited. and waited. and it became lunch time. i asked again…
    “oh. mr so-in-so has left for the day. sorry.”
    never did find out.
    a neighbor of mine who was laid off due to budget cuts lost her home. and her car. and could not find a job
    for over two years. i bought groceries for her on a regular basis just so she could eat.
    something is terribly broken in our land. i have no answers but i totally agree with you in that it’s hard enough
    to simply “put the peanut on the table” as my late husband used to say.
    i have money to live on only because i lived in a grey cubicle for over 25 years. yes. a little of your soul leaves.
    but so far at least i have retired with just enough to make it. that is of course, unless this country gets even
    worse. and if that day comes, i’ll wonder what my 25 years in hell, excuse me… solitary confinement was all about!
    darling captain. to also answer your question…
    think about walmart. why do you think people past a certain age check you out and greet you and oh you get the picture… why? because there is definitely age discrimination. it is alive and well. and at least… horror of
    horrors walmart gives you a fighting chance.
    the days of showing up on time, doing a great job to the best of your ability… count for very little.
    okay. rant over.
    wish i were a rich widow. i would hire you to design my blog! or even give lessons in blogging for dummies.
    matter of fact… that might be a self employment way for you to bring in some $$$. you do have a knack for it!
    how you market that kind of thing i have no clue.