Mar 172012

I ranted a bit yesterday about the trials and tribulations of trying to find an income and the problems related there in, I should mention here that I have rather good offer sitting on the table at the moment but I’m hesitant to take it for a variety of reasons.

The position is fairly lucrative. It could result in a substantial income but, there are issues…

The job involves relocating to the upper Keys. After working so damn hard and long to find a little slice of heaven here in Key West I would have to relocate. That means finding another place to live. No easy task anywhere in the Keys. While I don’t have anything to speak of to move and I’m not bound by a lease, I don’t want to leave Key West. I really, really like it here. Warts and all. The upper Keys are nice, but it ain’t here.

The job would require my getting another vehicle. I would need something, truck, jeep, whatever for this job. No getting around it. A bicycle won’t be enough. That means fuel, insurance, maintenance, and all the joys that I have been missing out on since I got rid of the jeep last summer. With gas hitting $4 and moving up, I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

Physically, the job is demanding. It will be an everyday job. And I mean every damn day. No time off unless the weather is really bad. These blogs I run would suffer immensely and probably wind up being taken down due to lack of time or subject matter. While they don’t make much money at the moment, they are a source of pride and joy for me. And at the ripe old age of 57, a seven day a week job has little appeal.

The promise of big money has a lot of appeal but I could see me easily backsliding into a lifestyle that has taken me the last ten years to get rid of. Despite the current financial setback, I’m loving life here in Key West. This is a place made for minimalist living. Yeah, a big income would be great, but the cost is too much. The position is there and will probably still be there later if things get desperate but for now, I’m staying put. The longer I stay, the more it becomes home. I’ve worked too hard to give it all up.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. Does it pay enough to keep your place in Key West for when you can’t take it anymore? If so, maybe you can look at it as a temporary thing just to rebuild your nest egg. Our daughter is currently doing something similar while she saves for her escape vehicle.

    • The nature of the job is more physically demanding than I am willing to do. Out in the heat all day, moving heavy objects around. It’s also affected by fuel costs. Factor in the need for a vehicle, relocating, and a lot of liability. The promise of the money is usually greater than the actual outcome. It’s simply not worth it to me to make the move. I lived in Key Largo for nearly 3 years. It may be in the Keys but it feels more like south Miami. Nope, I’ll stay here at the end of the world and deal with what comes. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like I belonged someplace. The last time I left the lower Keys for “greener pastures” it took me 5 years to get back. And I was miserable until I did come back. I’ll not make that mistake again.


  2. see… i still feel like the chamber of commerce or tourism or whatever they are… are getting a free ride.
    your blog has 20,000 followers.
    you know the key west and you love it.
    and you have a way with words to describe it and photograph it that is superb.
    i think they should be paying you!
    at least enough to cover rent.
    you are a fabulous ambassador.
    it’s worth checking out with them i would think.
    but you know your area far better than i do.
    i worked for and retired from the dept of tourism in my state and marketing it was huge.
    we had free lance writers on contract at times.
    worth checking? what have you got to lose? you could stay and keep doing something you love!

    • The problem with the chamber of commerce and the tourist bureaus is they sugar coat everything. I tend to serve up the islands with a side order of reality.