Mar 232012

With the coming of Spring to this island I have been able for the first time in my life realize a simple yet important dream. Not once over this past winter, was I cold. There wasn’t a single time from November ’til now where I needed to run a heater, wear long pants, or even put on a coat. There were only a couple of times where the temps dropped into the low 50’s and even then it wasn’t that chilly. I think I needed a blanket on the bed only two or three times. After 56 years of freezing miserable cold in the northern climates I was finally able to enjoy winter. I’m not sure if it’s the norm for Key West or possibly the effects of global warming. Whatever it was, it was the most comfortable winter I have ever went through. And one of the cheapest.

Capt. Fritter

I know, not much of dream, but you take whatever you can get.

  2 Responses to “Another lifetime dream realized…”

  1. sounds like a nice dream to me!
    as wonderful as it sounds… it’s the summer heat i would not be able to endure. hypertension and extreme heat.
    not happy room mates. but otherwise it does sound like heaven.
    of course… living the laid back keys lifestyle… maybe one’s hypertension would be past history!!!

  2. Sounds ideal to me, too. I’ve been wintering in the Arizona desert these last few years and the nights get very cold there. But, I can’t afford Key West RV park rates so I’l not be joining you for your fabulous weather. You’ll just have to enjoy it enough for both of us. 🙂