Mar 312012

I guess it’s only fair since I featured the cats of Key West last month that the dogs should get their due. The images below are of the happiest place to be on the island if you are a dog…the Higgs Beach Dog Park. About an acre or so where a dog can go and be a dog. Run with out a leash, chase stuff, bark, and poop anywhere you like. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind living like that.

The park is on the corner of White and Atlantic with the main entrance on the west side near the tennis courts. There is plenty of parking on the north side and some bicycle parking too. There is a gate entrance and then the park is divided into two areas. The smaller area is for the yappy little ankle biters and the larger for the bigger vicious beasts. There is shade and places for the humans to sit. Water fountains all over, and bags and cans to pick up the messes and dispose of them properly. There is plenty of room to roam around, sniff, chase balls and frisbees, and do all that stuff that makes being a dog worthwhile. Here are a couple shots…





Luckily there was a strong fence here otherwise I would have mauled by a vicious attack basset hound.



Capt. Fritter