Apr 102012

Looking for some tips to keep life simple and minimal? Here you go:

1. No debt. None. Ever.

2. Buy only what you need. Use what you buy.

3. Never underestimate the value of a good back pack.

4. Never buy more than you can carry in one trip.

5. The Dollar Store is your friend.

6. Rediscover the joys and savings of riding a bicycle.

7. A lack of possessions does not equate poverty.

8. All jobs are temporary.

9. Avoid buying anything that requires a license, tag, registration, a fee, or insurance.

10. Avoid long term leases, contracts, or any other binding commitment that may prevent you from being able to travel or move on short notice.

11. You never know when or where the next adventure or opportunity will occur so be ready.

12. Never carry a bag of potato chips in the same bag as a 14lb. container of cat litter.

13. Stay sentimental over memories, not physical objects.

14. Digitize everything you have that is made of paper.

15. Own only those physical objects which can be replaced.

16. Kill your television. You are better than that.

17. Avoid anything that requires high maintenance. This goes double for relationships.

18. Never underestimate the value of just sitting on your ass and watching the sunset.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Some tips for a simple life…”

  1. Great list. Especially #18 – too many people feel they have to constantly be productive.
    LOLing at #14.