May 062012

When you have an hour and a half to spare sit down and watch this great video on the tiny house movement.  It’s a very interesting insight into some alternative ways of living.  Some things I noticed from this video…

While most of the people who owned, built, and live in these tiny homes have the right ideas about less space, very few seemed to be into the general minimalist movement.  Notice how just about everyplace has storage and space filled with clutter and possessions.  There always seems to be a need to fill up empty spaces, no matter  how small.

The biggest obstacle to the tiny house movement is building codes.  Codes that were designed and enacted through the lobbying of builders, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies.  Codes that are long overdue for a rewrite.  Minimum square footage, not taking full advantage of modern technology, and the old mindset that bigger is better.  We need to get over the belief that mcmansions are the only viable housing options.  It’s a long uphill battle and as the tiny house movement continues to grow, the communities that are thinking forward will embrace the idea of smaller and alternative living spaces, while the old stick in the muds will fight it tooth and nail.

The last thing I took away from these small dwellings was the lack of taking advantage of the more modern technologies that are out there.  Solar and wind power for energy.  Low level lighting and other energy saving appliances like on demand water heaters.  There are so many ways these places could be constructed to not leave an appreciable footprint on the environment.  It’s a good start but there is so much more that could be done.

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Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “The Tiny House Movement Documentary…”

  1. exactly on the nose. what keeps me from really seriously deciding on one is …
    where in the world to put it? i’m not going to live in somebody else’s back yard and use their
    shower. and i can’t afford nor would i want a piece of land in the country. i wish the developers
    and “code setters” would get the message. but then… it’s about money and big… i forgot.
    and i agree with you on the clutter. it must be written into the dna of people. fill it !!! with stuff !!!

    • Many rv parks would work. As the movement grows and government figures how to tax them more, then we will see changes in the zoning laws.

      C. F.