May 182012

I’m referring of course to that digital version of the Borg collective commonly known as Facebook.  Seems there is a big todo about FB this week.  The IPO comes out meaning the stock will be trading live and making a few people very wealthy and a lot of people very poor.  I won’t offer any advice here as to buy or sell.  I am the very last person on the planet who should ever be giving financial advice other than stay out of debt.  Anyone whoever places a bet on Wall St. based on my advice deserves whatever befalls them….unless they make a fortune then I want a cut.  No, actually I’m talking about Facebook in another aspect, as in why I’m no longer on Facebook and have no plans to be.

A couple of years ago when I started up my paddle board business social media was the hot topic.  You had to be on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social media outlet you could find.  And join them all I did.  Even found a couple geared towards the paddle industry.  “You need to be on there.”, they said.  “It’s a great way to get your business out there.”, and it did work up to a point.  Before I knew it I had hundreds of friends…of which I actually knew about 10.  I ran some ads with very little success, posted constantly with photos and such.  But it got to be a pain in the ass.  I found myself on there all the time when I could have been doing other more productive things.  I saw some friends who were chronicling virtually every minute of their lives on there.  When I closed down the business I closed down Facebook too, along with all the others.  I had enough.  Facebook continually changed the rules of the game making the information out the members put out there more and more accessible to third party interests.  Advertising is the big revenue source and the push was on to stick more ads in everyone’s faces.  Facebook has slowly created it’s own little world, 900 members strong and getting bigger.  They kept pushing the envelope trying to make members more and more dependent on the service.  I liken it to a casino where there are no clocks, no windows, no outside distractions.  They want to keep you there all day and night.

I had enough finally and dropped out.  Turns out I’m not alone and we have a name now…RESISTERS.  There are the usual suspects who refuse to concede to the demands of Facebook.  Older folks who don’t know it or understand it.  People like myself who got tired of it.  Many in the minimalism lifestyle have dropped out too.  We may well end up being left in the dust when the whole Facebook Collective flys off to some alien digital world to start a new civilization but I can live with that.  I haven’t had the desire to rejoin and become one of the happy minion.  I realize I’m neglecting a real audience who could be introduced to the magic of ManateeFritters but as you may have guessed by now,  I sort of fritter to a different drumbeat.

As for the other social media outlets, I tried Twitter again last winter with disastrous results.  Within a week people were using my handle to link to porn sites and other goodies.  I don’t need that sort of aggravation.

I have no idea where Facebook will go from here.  On one hand in a few years we may be under some government mandate to join in order to qualify for services.  On the other hand Facebook may not even exist in ten years.  Either way, I’ll move on with out them.  Don’t need them, don’t want them.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Resistance is futile…but I’ll have a go at it anyways…”

  1. i’m a happy poor minimalist that thinks the good stuff has nothing to do with stuff. but then i do have enough food and simple clothes and a roof over my head. and i am grateful.
    my family had old money. but my grandfather mishandled his inheritance. it seems the old gentleman liked his gin and… whether you drink it from a silver flask as he did, or the plain old bottle, the results are the same.
    so it’s just as well that i seem to be have been born a true minimalist!
    i like quality. in people and things. and that respectively, means integrity and simplicity.
    my new england grandmother, the old gentleman’s wife was a font of knowledge, and you listened.
    what i remember best are the sayings. and … oh yes… how she felt about drinking!
    at three i could quote “use it up. wear it out. make it do or do without.”

    but the one that strikes a cord regarding this post is the one i heard the most… “remember” …
    “fool’s names and fool’s faces are always found in public places.”
    there are apparently a lot of fools out there today grammy tell.