May 192012

Showing up on time?  Dressing appropriately?  Communication skills?

How about some other things like:

Blind obedience to authority…right or wrong.

Lying to customers.

Gender discrimination.

Wages unfit to live on.

Toeing the company line.

Disregard for safety.

Worker exploitation.

No layoffs?  Sure, when you hire temp and part time workers with 3 month contracts, they don’t count as layoffs when they are gone.  It’s also a handy way to get around paying out all those pesky benefits.  I’m sure that if they could, Walmart would replace every employee in their stores with a robot who could stock the shelves and clean up the piss in the aisles.   But what do I know?  I never worked at Walmart.  What say we let those who have worked there share their experiences, shall we?   Start with this blog…

Working at Walmart, it’s a short blog of only 29 posts over two months but read it all.  You may never shop there again after reading it.  And you sure as hell won’t have any respect for anyone who has debased themselves by working there.   Pity perhaps, but no respect.

Read up on some of these other experiences here:

Walmart is not the place to work.

Walmart Sucks.

Walmart Hell.

The list goes on and on.  Walmart is successful because they manage to squeeze every last penny out of everything they touch.  From the hired help, the suppliers, and lastly of course, the wonderful customers who shop there without any regard for anything but the bottom line.  Nothing, nobody, no reason will ever convince me of any good Walmart has provided.  As for the people who work or shop there, it is their decision to do so and they must live with the consequences.  There are better choices in life and if you believe some soul sucking place like Walmart is your only choice you have some serious educating to catch up on.

This is the last post on this subject.  Time to move on to better things.

Capt. Fritter

Okay, release the flame wars in the comments!

  10 Responses to “What does Walmart teach it’s workers?”

  1. you lovable old scroundrel.
    it’s the flame wars you’re interested in!!!
    i’m just gonna stay out of the way and let you and mjd have at it.
    or… maybe they’ll all be conspicuous by their silence.
    so be it.
    i’ve always wanted to say that.
    so be it.
    have a great weekend in paradise!

  2. Your response doesn’t surprise me, not at all. In fact it sounds eerily familiar. It sounds like your description of your old job in Orlando… How they sucked the life out of you, how the only thing that mattered to them was sales, how they dreamed up promotions to sell more and more of that “crap made in China, how they pushed and pushed you to sell more and more, it was never enough for those greedy bastards.and they practically forced you to sell “crap” to un-evolved
    “moron” customers who were too ignorant to know that they really shouldn’t want the things that they were being duped into buying.

    “They squeeze every last penny out of everything they touch”

    What? How dare they! I mean really! You’d think they were trying to show a lot of profit for their stockholders, the majority of which are working people’s pension funds… School teachers, police and firemen, union workers, common people.

    If you could have bought your bicycle for 10 bucks less from WalMart than you did at Kmart, you would have.

    No mom and pop bicycle shops in the Keys?

    Couldn’t have bought it on line from a struggling entrepreneur?

    Really? Kmart? You criticize WalMart jobs? At Kmart the jobs there are soo much better? Career jobs? Jobs to be proud of? Yeah, now tell me Captain, those Kmart employees when you talk to them you see spirit in their eyes instead of the “bloodshot” eyes you claim to see on the pitiful WalMart employees who are debasing themselves and having the life sucked out of them?

    I don’t really blame you for hating WalMart, you think they’re evil, and that they control you, and they eat puppy dogs…Oh, wait, that’s Barrack Obama…

    Whatever, that’s cool, it’s your deal, I can respect that. What I can’t respect are people who look down on others whom they don’t think are as “enlightened” as they are… those who want to live their life another way, even if their god is “stuff.” It’s
    THEIR god, THEIR stuff.

    Hate WalMart all you want, hate all the evil blood sucking corporations, but when you start to hate the people, belittle them, to mock their beliefs, then that is no better than the corporations you despise. (Worse actually, because at least the corporations pay for the privilege.)

    You think small, you think the solution is to quit, drop out of it, because maybe you got beat up a couple of times.. and then you’re free to sit it out on the side lines and criticize everyone else because they just don’t get it.

    You are an anti free market guy because it’s a lot easier to say that the “game is rigged” than it is to get out there and actually fight it out, and compete and win the game on your own terms.

    You’re more talented than that.

    Instead, you choose to get by in self induced poverty by claiming a more “noble” calling… Minimalism.

  3. wow! the bigger they are the harder they bite.
    must have been a “dolphin.”

    • Well, I have to admit, sometimes I just can’t resist bait that reeks of hypocrisy…

  4. Well Fritter, you and I completely agree on this one.

  5. Wow. Self-induced poverty? Seems someone sure has a rotten outlook on minimalism. Eschewing consumerism in today’s world is indeed a noble cause. Do the scads of worthless, mass-produced plastic chotchkies sold at big box stores bring meaning and happiness to your life? Well if they do, good for you. But for a lot of us they represent gut-wrenching overseas labor and environmental abuses, plus the domestic slave-wage abuses mentioned above.

    When I was younger, I worked at Wal-Mart for several years. They worked me off the clock at night during high school zoning, their word for cleaning up after customers left. Child labor laws? Aw who cares. Just clock the kid out. Breaks were ridiculous. They never had sufficient coverage, so they’d send me for a 15 minute break right up against my lunch break. Thank goodness I had a strong bladder! When I became eligible for benefits in college, they fired me and everyone else in the department using trumped-up excuses. The older ladies fought it as they were employed for 10+ years each. I guess it didn’t go anywhere. We were all replaced with part-time minimum wage workers. It was really sweet that the other employees of the store were outraged and never used the services of our former department. I was so relieved when it all went down–that job was such a downer.

    • No. I have a very favorable opinion of minimalists. I am one.
      I have an UN favorable opinion of hypocrisy.

      I did not say that a minimalist lives his life in self imposed poverty and claims something more noble, I said that the Captain here lives his life in self imposed poverty and claims something more noble… Minimalism.

      See the difference?

      I actually believe that minimalism IS noble.

      The point is… living meager is not the same as living minimal, and it’s a lot easier if you’re broke to call yourself a minimalist rather than call yourself a loser.

      Which rule is it in the Minimalist Handbook that says that a minimalist can’t have money? Why do some people think that you have to be poor and can’t put two cents together to be a minimalist. Where does it say that you can only own 20 things? Where is the cut off point where you loose your minimalist card?

      I suppose that the best test of a REAL minimalist would be if one had the means to NOT be a minimalist, but chose to live minimally anyway, right? Now that would take ethics.

      Just because you live on $50 bucks a day, because that’s all you got…that does not make you a minimalist.

      Mies Van der Rohe is generally credited with the “Less is more” quote… A minimalist? Yeah, I think so. Very sucessful, ambitious, contributor….

      What disappoints me, are people who disparage others who have different beliefs. People who deem themselves to be more righteous than others who have a different philosophy.

      Why is it necessary to preach your views as being moral and correct by belittling other people who don’t see things the same way? Isn’t that what we all dislike about religeous zealots?

      I don’t get that…. No, I take that back, I DO get that… it’s called elitism, and elitism is uglier than maxi-ism.

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with WalMart… I’m sure you had your reasons for staying there for as long as you did.

      People have the power to work there or not, to shop there or not, it is a free choice, and apparently judging from their extraordinary success, people have decided….

      Power to the people.

      • “The point is… living meager is not the same as living minimal, and it’s a lot easier if you’re broke to call yourself a minimalist rather than call yourself a loser.”

        I think I should make clear that in this sentence from my last post, I am not referring to C.F. as a loser… It comes from personal experience.