Jun 062012

Just one minor thing before getting to other stuff.

Today is June 6th.  68 years ago about 160,000 soldiers came ashore on the beaches of Normandy in France to begin the push to defeat the Nazi’s in WW II.  It was a bloody nasty fight with heavy casualties on both sides.  The sheer size of the invasion force was a testament to leaders like Eisenhower and Churchill who were able to put it together as well as the common foot soldier who did all the fighting and dying.  The men and women involved in that war were heroes.  All of them.  They sacrificed everything including their lives to defeat some of the worst human beings who have ever walked this planet.  Most of those who participated in that war and on that day are gone now.  The few who are left don’t have much time left in their lives.  If you happen to know any of these heroes, take a moment out of your day and remember them, and if possible, thank them for their service and sacrifice.  What they did should never ever be forgotten nor taken for granted.

What honor looks like:

  2 Responses to “June 6th…”

  1. oh my god.
    thank you for that. i watched it and cried all the way through it.
    my father landed on the beach head in the normandy invasion.