Jul 272012

You are sitting there, in your happy little hovel, things are looking up, all seems right with the world, and bang…Some asshole has to come along and spoil everything.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by what has transpired this week and in particular today.  I knew the internet system wasn’t the best in the world.  (And by the way, it still ain’t fully up yet.  I can barely pick up a signal but it’s better than what it was.)  I also pretty much knew that there were plans to eventually kick out everyone of the building.  It would have helped had they given some ample warning.  As it is, no one may get more than 30 days notice to be out by Nov. 1st, which is a very bad time as it is going into the high rent season where places are more expensive and difficult to find.  I’m glad I asked today what was going on.  So now, I must make a decision.  It may come quick or I can wait.  There is good and bad to all aspects of this.  Here is a rundown:

Move onto a boat.  I’ve been kicking it around.  I just really prefer not to get into something that requires maintenance and upkeep, but, today I went and looked at one for sale.  The price is right and it comes with a live aboard slip, in the same price that I am paying now for rent.  The marina is close to where I currently live but in much better shape.  It’s a dockominium where each dock is owned like a condo.  It’s very clean, quiet, and looks to be a nice place.  Big upside, it’s affordable.  The boat itself is nothing special but in nice shape.  But it needs some things.  Most noticeably, a motor of some sort if I plan on doing any travel, it needs a head (toilet) but for now I can use the facility at the marina, and it could use some other minor bits.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  It’s a bit small but roomy enough.  I don’t need much.  The cats will probably hate it at first but they adapt pretty quick.  If I go for this boat I need to make a decision right now.  It’s available.  I have the cash to buy it, and I can be out of the apartment with little fuss, I may even be able to get all my deposit back since they are tearing down the building anyways.  Down the road I would have an asset I could sell and recover some money back if I had too.  I hate to rush such a decision but if I want this set up it needs to happen now.  Cheap liveaboards are rare.

Option two involves finding another apartment.  While there are plenty out there, none are cheaper than what I am paying now.  In fact the cheapest I’ve seen is around $800 plus utilities.  I need to find someplace that allows pets and has some sort of decent internet connection.  I thought I found such a place but whoever ran the ad apparently put the words, “email for more info” in as a joke.  I would expect some sort of answer but so far silence.  The problem with staying where I am and looking for another place is that I stand the risk of not finding something affordable by the time I have to get out.  And no matter what I do find, chances are my rent and utilities will run close to $1000 a month or more, $300 more than I am paying now.

Behind door number C, is moving back up the islands to Marathon or Key Largo.  While rents are cheaper up that way and Key Largo has the near guarantee of a job, it’s not Key West.  It also means adding a vehicle back into the mix, something I really truly don’t want to do.

An rv is a consideration but they are scarce, expensive, and lot rents are no better than apartment rents.  Especially anyplace south of Big Pine Key.

If I decide to wait until the last minute to make a move I also risk not finding anything in the Keys which means a move back to the mainland.  That ain’t happening.  So while each of the other options has a downside and an upside, I need to act now while those options are available.  The one upside of any of these is that making the actual physical move is the least of my worries.  Pack up the backpack, toss two screaming hissing balls of fur and claws into their travel bags, and off we go.  Since I use the local UPS store for mail I don’t have to change addresses unless I leave Key West and even then, I get so little mail I could maintain an address down here and come down now and then to get anything that is sent my way.

It’s a royal pain in the ass which is compounded by my desire to live in someplace where rents are so high.  But that is of my own doing and I knew what to expect when I came down here.  Not having a bunch of crap to move nor being saddled with debt or a job I can’t get out of has made things much easier.  While the options I have for now are not the best, they are options non the less and I am in a position to take advantage of them.  Now I have to decide what to do.  Stay tuned.  An answer will be coming real soon.

Capt. Fritter

  5 Responses to “It just goes to show you can never be complacent…”

  1. i vote for the boat!!!
    you are a captain after all.
    every captain should have a boat.
    the motor can come later. who cares! a boat. wow.

    • I can’t reveal exactly what I have decided but I will say it is now between a penthouse suite overlooking Mallory Square and a very roomy refrigerator box sitting behind the Kmart.
      One involves cracking a security code and sneaking past the guard. The other will be mortal combat to the death with the current residents, who may or may not be human.
      I’ll let you all guess which is which.

      C. F.

  2. speaking as your friendly but-insky stalker of course.

  3. The boat comes furnished, right? Places to sit besides the floor? 🙂

    I’m with Tammy in going for the boat but I’ve never lived on one so what do I know?

  4. Plus, if you buy the boat now but find something better you can sell the boat when your neighbors learn they have to be out by Nov 1st so need something quick.