Aug 012012

28 times.  That is how many times I have moved from one place to another since I took off for college 4 decades ago.  The longest I have stayed in any one place was about 13 years, and the shortest, a few weeks.  On average I move every 16 months.  I’ve lived in just about anything you can think of…house, rv, boat, rented rooms, the occasional apartment.  The reasons I moved varied as much as the living space.  Change of jobs, loss of a lease, financial, or just plain boredom.  As for this latest move, it was a combination of opportunity, a little financial, and there was something else…Oh yeah, the fact that they will be kicking all the residents to the curb and tearing down the building later this winter.

I would have really preferred to have had some more time at the apartment so I could work on building the app business up.  If I can build the whole thing up to where it’s making a decent income, then I could consider a move from a position of strength with more options open to me.  But, that is not the way things have worked out.  I will still be able to get back to working on the business, even though I lost a full week and now have a boat to deal with.  The client that I am currently trying to get something done for has been more than patient so it may all work out.  But I was still forced into making a move that I would have rather not done.  It is what it is though and I could have done a lot worse.  At least I still have a roof over my head, and no grass to cut.

The boat, however, is going to be a major distraction for the near future.  It will need some immediately things to get it legal, and then other stuff will no doubt crop up as time goes on.  Boats are a maintenance heavy way to live and anything you need for one is going to be expensive.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a sweet little sailboat and the deal I got on the slip and the boat is a very good one.  I would have just preferred to have waited until later to do something like this.  How long I will keep the boat and stay on it will depend on a lot of things.  Financial being the top of course, with comfort being another.  How nice the marina is and how much bullshit I will have to contend with while staying there will also factor in.  From the outset it all looks good.  Whether I hit my average of 16 months or better on the Fritter will take a while, probably about 16 months or so.

Until my age and health gets to the point where I can’t travel anymore, I will always be moving around.  It’s just the way I live.  The Keys are home of course, but realistically, I may get to that station in life where it will not be practical to live here any more.  Hopefully those days are long off.  Or I may fall into some place that is just right, perhaps another rv lot like I had on Cudjoe.  Whatever the future may hold it’s something I can’t worry too much about.  I have immediate concerns with getting settled back into the boating lifestyle and getting the app gig up and running.  But always keeping an eye out for for the next opportunity.

As for this move, it was probably the easiest one I have ever made.  Not having a bunch of crap to move made it all that much easier.  But, I have to confess.  I thought the next move would be no more than a backpack, the two cats, and the bike.  No such luck.  I had to bring a second bag with some consumables and other minor bits, the tools I kept over, along with some other things I planned to leave behind but will now be needed on the boat.  In other words, as a minimalist, I have failed.  I’m now a hoarder.  I feel so ashamed.

But I am living on a boat in the Florida Keys.

Capt. Fritter

I’ll dump it all in the next move.