Aug 152012

…With all this liveaboard stuff.  I know it’s a lot of information to be writing about but I hope you are enjoying the posts.  Judging from the increase in traffic and some of the comments I’m guessing that the whole alternative living on a boat/rv/anything but a standard house dream is strong amongst the Fritter world.  Look at it this way.  I would have loved to have known some of this stuff before I started plunking down cash for a boat.  There is way more to owning and living on a boat than just dropping anchor and sipping rum runners on the poop deck.  Knowledge is power and the more you have, the better decisions you can make.  I’m neither trying to talk anybody into nor out of living on a boat.  That is your decision.  I’m simply pointing out all the issues and hurdles I am facing with living aboard.

Living aboard is not your typical lifestyle.  It may seem minimalist from the outside but in reality it’s has it’s own unique set of obstacles and benefits.  How well a person can adapt to living on the water is up to them.  It’s not a lifestyle for everyone.  Personally, I enjoy it.  I’d enjoy it a bit more if I wasn’t looking at dropping so much money to get the Fritter up to what I want, but I enjoy it none the less.

And as a quick aside, I apologize for the shortness and quality of some of the posts lately.  I’ve been very busy with the web design and app business and the last project has taken way more time than I had planned.  The major design is over and now it’s just some tweaking here and there to suit the client.  But when you spend hours on end designing websites and apps, in a little while you start seeing two computer screens, neither of which is very clear, so taking some time to do some serious blogging doesn’t always fit in.   I’ll be getting a bit more time now and maybe I can get back to some real writin’.

Capt. Fritter

A new pair of eyeglasses may help too.

  One Response to “Y’all ain’t bored are ya?…”

  1. you may be many things captain but boring is not one of them.
    i think your posts about boat living have been spot on.
    hope your future is full of too many aps to design!
    your public is not fickle. as you said… “increase in traffic…”
    you’re living a dream that many people only wish they could.
    tammy j