Aug 202012

A few updates to the ongoing Fritter project.

A closer inspection of the ice box reveals some more thinking may be involved.  So naturally, the first thing I bought today was a bottle of aspirin.  Actually, the icebox project looks somewhat doable.  The insulation around the outside will need to be increased if I expect to get any decent life out of a bag or block of ice.  Speaking of which, the vending machine that sells the ice doesn’t sell it in blocks but rather in bulk.  Another reason to replace my old eyeglasses.  Ice blocks may last a bit longer than a bag of cubes but I’ll see how it goes anyways.  The box also had a crack in it at one time and looks like it was repaired ok, but it bears watching for leaks.  As for insulation I’ve been looking at some options online and while out today made a hike through Home Depot, to see what they have.

On the other end, if I do hook up the sink a faucet with a hand pump will be needed.  West Marine carries some in the $100 plus range.  Camping World has the economy version for about $40.  I’ll probably worry about getting the ice box up to speed first and then see what I can do about the water issue later.  The icebox is way more bigger than that little fridge and it seems a shame not to make use of it the way it was intended.  Eventually I would like to convert it to a 12 volt fridge but that is an expense for another day.  Toting ice once or twice a week isn’t a big issue…yet.  I don’t have a need to keep food long term at the moment.  Since there would be no freezer I would not be tempted to go grab a gallon of luscious, delicious, delectable ice cream.  Until I get the grill going I won’t stock any meats.  And even then they would get ate up pretty fast.  Same with any seafood I happen to get.  I can see the ice box as a good reason to adjust my diet accordingly.  We’ll see how it goes.

I picked up a couple new dock lines today.  They will replace the bow lines which are in the worst shape.  As for the stern lines, one is completely shot but the other is in nice shape.  And as a bonus the good one is long enough that I can cut it in half and use both for stern lines.  I will still have enough extra to use for spring lines or to double up.  Depending on what happens over the next week or two I may grab some more new lines just to be safe.

Call me paranoid but it looks for all the world that the weather around here could get somewhat interesting towards the end of the month.  And not in a good way.  All other projects on the boat will be put on hold until these systems decide where they are going.  It’s getting close to Labor Day, which is high noon for storm season.  I may be a bit overly concerned but it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

The upside is that if a storm does hit, the Fritter is in a good spot.  Heavy concrete dock and slip with strong cleats to hold onto.  There are no other boats on either side of me so as long as the lines hold and I can keep her from bashing into the walls of the dock, I’m in good shape.  Unless the marina orders all boats out, then I’m screwed.  No motor, no insurance, nothing but a downward slide with nothing but death and oblivion to look forward to…But I don’t dwell on it.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard, Plenty of cunning, not enough planning…”

  1. I hereby declare your marina to be a storm free place this season. There, I hope that helps.

  2. Insurance that expensive that you don’t want to pay for peace of mind ?