Sep 062012

Well, the kind that like to just anchor off any old place and dump their sewage over the side.  The State of Florida, with little surprise, has adopted new and stricter regulations regarding liveaboards.  They are targeting those who chose to anchor where they please, the old beat up boats you see off Mallory Square to the northwest, and in the channels.  Vessels will have to show proof of pump outs, keep their vessels in a non sinking capacity, and not anchor in certain spots.  Here is a link for more details:  New Liveaboard rules.  Monroe County will need to approve them too but that is just a formality.

In general these is all good ideas.  Some of the vessels you see out there ain’t fit to be on the water.  The owners pollute and generally don’t care about the waters or what they put in them.  They look at the vessel they live on as cheap or free housing.   On the other hand, one could argue that because these people are living on the cheap or free, the government is trying to force them out as they are not paying any property taxes.  It goes both ways but I would tend to side with government on this issue.  Many of these vessels shouldn’t be on the water in the first place.

As for those of us who stay in marinas or in mooring fields, it’s not quite so bad.  Marinas and mooring fields are pretty strict about what condition a vessel is allowed to be in and what it can do with it’s sewage.  My only fear is that these rules are a stepping stone to regulate liveaboards to the point where it’s not viable to live on a boat any more.  It may come someday.

As enforcement of these new rules comes into play though, it will force many off the boats and back onto land.  A few will stay aboard and start looking for moorings or slips to stay in.  That makes my little deal here at this marina all the more valuable.  Giving up this slip would be a mistake at this time.  It’s too nice of a set up to just sail away from.  At least until I decide what to do with the Fritter.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Crack Down on Liveaboards…”

  1. i’m with you on this one… and the government. sad that it takes that to protect our ocean.
    there are always the unconscious idiots who are either too ignorant (really? with all the information out there today … and they don’t even have to know how to read anymore to hear it!) or too lazy to clean up their act. and all of us suffer their stupidity. dumping their human sewer overboard. yuk.
    sorry. i do get on a soapbox. my brother smiles calmly and says “you have issues, don’t you?”
    i guess i do. am i a be-atch? i hope i don’t come off that way. i just wish people would think.
    i’m glad you’re in a marina now that is cleaner and quieter and worthy of the name of home.
    amazing what little things like constant bickering and trash and just general mess can do to your peace of mind. the little fritter’s in good hands now… yours and your marina!
    cheers to you cap,
    tammy j

    • I think it’s about high time that Ms. Tammy got her own blog going. Let me know when you are ready and I will make it happen. Got the name picked out and everything.

      C. F.

      Everyone else agree?

  2. awww….. sweet.
    is the name “big mouth techno-dummy?”
    i’ll just haunt yours and remain your faithful stalker, thank you.

  3. Go for it Tammy! I want to be the first notified so I can sign up for your posts! 🙂