Sep 112012

The day I have been dreading has come at last.  My first utility bill for electric and water on the Fritter.  I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst…and the worst is what I got.  Waaaaaay more than I thought.  You would think that a small ac unit and fridge along with a computer and iphone wouldn’t cost that much, but it was bad.  Very, very bad…..just kidding.  $23.56 for the month. 8¢ of which was for water.  Suck it land weasels.

I was expecting about $30 or so and that’s well within tolerance levels.  The ac ran all the time and the fridge was at max cold, so I can’t complain.  For light all I have been using is an LED flashlight and it lasts a month on one set of batteries from the Dollar store.  Water I bring in a gallon at a time and rarely use more than a gallon a day.  That makes it pretty damn affordable right now.  And the upside is that figure will drop as the weather gets less hot and the ac isn’t run as much.  But, there is a downside…

The low utility rates make it a bit less inviting to do all those wonderful things I have planned for the Fritter.  Dropping a couple thousand on solar panels and air generators, rebuilding the ice box into a larger fridge.  At $20 a month it would take, oh let’s see, 8 and a half years to recover my investment.  The only advantage of doing all that is being totally independent of land based energy.  No worries about the power going off, no rate hikes, and I would have power no matter where I was.  So, it will take some pondering about what to do.  For now, I can live with $23.56 a month.  When winter comes and if I have some better income flow, then we will see what happens.  In the meantime it’s nice to not have those huge energy bills.  Sometimes this minimalist gig really pays off.

Capt. Fritter


  2 Responses to “Living Aboard, The First Utility Bill…”

  1. oh mannnnn! i don’t want to be a land weasel.
    at least when i hear you talk about the fritter.
    congratulations on a good decision to buy her.
    smart move. hurricanes and all.
    there will always be something. tornado hurricane fire drought
    you might as well be on the fritter in a beautiful marina
    with manatees as neighbors! and well… the humans too.

  2. You actually had me going for a minute there. Yeah, I could live with that bill. I’ll be happy if I can get by that low in my new RV this winter. AFTER having paid for all that solar stuff I’m getting. I think it’s the dump fees that are going to get me.