Nov 202012

A housing project in Detroit using shipping containers.   Sounds good to me!

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “At Least Somebody Is Thinking In The Right Direction…”

  1. i could live in one of these and love it!
    i’ve lived in a house trailer … sorry mobile home dwellers… but that’s what we used to call them and i like that name. anyhow … i loved every minute of it. the two that i lived in were both ultra simple.
    they were like small boats. NO wasted space. more storage than anyone really needed.
    i looked at all the pictures and read the captions here. did you see the one in spain? it said it can be built inexpensively for only $118, 000. for a storage container that in some places is free?
    inexpensive???!!! that is pathetic. i guess i am just old and totally out of touch when hundreds of thousands of dollars are actually considered inexpensive. so tired of all the high powered high priced crap.