Dec 082012

I was all set to head out last night and get some shots of the historic inns all done up in their holiday finery.  It’s the first night that they deck the halls and all that.  Unfortunately, my back had other ideas.

I got the brilliant idea to clean the cabin on Friday morning.  It was in bad need of a washdown.  Mold was starting to creep in on the cabin ceiling and elsewhere, as is common on a boat, due to all the condensation and moisture.  And the two furballs had managed to leave enough loose fur around to build another cat.  So, off to cleaning I went.

When you work in a small area like a boat cabin, things are cramped and hard to get at.  In my case, in order to clean the v berth which is forward, I had to drag all the cushions and pads out of the way, crawl in, spray it down with a rather toxic bleach based cleaner, wipe it all down, choke and cough for ten minutes, then move everything back.  Same with the main part of the cabin.  Move everything from one side to the other.  The cats were the smart ones, they hid in the stern compartment until it was all over.

Anyways, somewhere in between moving pillows and pads, crawling around the box which houses the keel, and the simple act of just bending over, I managed to rip my lower spine and associated muscles from the lower half of my body.  At least it feels like that.  Once again, I was able to pull all the muscles in my lower back rendering me somewhat incapacitated.  It’s not a big deal.  It only hurts when I stand, sit, walk, breathe, lie down, eat, sneeze or cough (particularly painful), or otherwise attempt to live normally.  I guess I ain’t quite as limber and agile as I was, oh say, 40 years ago.  And here I thought all that bike riding was doing me some good.  Apparently only for my lower legs.  For the rest of me, not so much.  Sitting around working on a computer all day don’t help much either.  So, rather than risk going into Old Town and winding up crippled along the bike path someplace, I wisely chose to stay home where I could muffle my screams of pain with the freshly cleaned pillows and blankies.  I still have to get out of the boat once in a while to go use the bathroom, but it’s not so bad.  Just three long agonizing steps out the rear hatch and then trying to stifle my screams as I crawl over the side onto the dock.  And back again.

Keep all this in mind if you are contemplating boat living.  No matter what size the boat is, chances are you will need at some point to get into and hopefully back out of some pretty snug places.  It may be easy when you are all young and shit and your muscles and joints can take a pounding.  When you hit middle age, or better, things don’t quite bend as much as before.  As a result, you wind up like I am today. crippled beyond repair and in constant agonizing pain.  Or at least for a day or two.

Capt. Fritter

Bonus:  I bought some dishrags at the dollar store recently.  The bleach cleaner was so strong it ate off the colored dye on the rags.

  2 Responses to “Living Aboard, Maybe Small Ain’t Better…”

  1. Oh no! Back pain is horrible! I wish you had a hot tub you could go sit in for a while. That helps those muscles relax. When I did in my back my doctor gave me relaxation meds that made me sleep for three days. 🙂

    • Much better today. As long as I am careful about how I move it should pass quickly.
      Runs in the family. My old man had the same issues.

      C. F.