Feb 082013

You probably have noticed those little images that appear when somebody posts/comments/attacks the Fritter.  Some are actual photos while others are simple diagrams.  They are called Avatars, yeah, kinda like the movie, or Gravatars, which is what this handy, helpful post is about.  If you were wondering about how to get your own gravatar to go with your email, it’s extremely simple to do.

First off, go here:  Gravatar.  Then, enter your email and follow the instructions.  At some point you will be asked to upload the image you want to use.  It could be a photo, a logo, whatever you want.  Once completed, the image will now appear anyplace that you post a comment, a blog post, or on any site that accepts avatars.  It’s that simple.  And you can always go back and change it if you want.

From a site owners point, accepting avatars is usually just as easy.  On WordPress, avatar settings are in the Settings/Discussion tab of your control panel.  There you can choose to allow or not allow avatars, set a rating, and choose a default image for those who don’t wish to use avatars.  It’s a nice way to dress up the site when people use avatars in their comments and such.  And it sorta kinda gives you your own personal brand.

Give it a try.  It’s easy, and yes, free.

Capt. Fritter