Feb 282013

Tiny houses, Japanese style.  I don’t know.  Don’t look half bad to me.  Not much different than how I live now.  Cats wouldn’t like it.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Geki-sema”

  1. Im guessing you have windows and outdoor space… The size is small, but no natural light would be too much for me

  2. I would live in a box under a bridge before I would live there. at least i’d hope there would be fresh air in the box. i’m presuming there is a communal bath and toilet for everyone since there’s not one in the coffin.
    that makes the ghettos of our big cities look like palaces ~ at least in relation to size.
    is the overcrowding due to lack of birth control? an island can sustain only so many people.
    or even a city. at some point I would think enough! and it looks as if it’s getting to that critical point!

  3. Wow…..just…wow. I have no more words for this.