Mar 072013

wavelogoWhen I was running my paddle board company, lo these many years ago, I needed to have a decent accounting program to track all the millions of dollars I was bringing in.  At the time, and because the accountant said so, I was using Quickbooks Online.  Now, Quickbooks worked just fine.  Lots of features, most I didn’t need and the accountant could load all the info easily for the volumes of tax forms a business needs, also most of which I didn’t need.  There were two main issues with Quickbooks.  One, it cost money to use every month.  Not a lot, but just an irritating enough of an amount that caused me to look around for alternatives of the free kind.  The other issue was the mobile version.  I was using just an iPad and iPhone at the time and using Quickbooks on either device was absolutely useless.  The mobile version has virtually no features and there was no way at the time to access the full site on the mobile device.  Reviews and opinions on other blogs indicated many people were frustrated with paying out good money for a product that was not up to speed with mobile.  It may have been too that Quickbooks, owned by Microsoft, did not want to play nice with Apple.  No matter, once the business was gone, so was Quickbooks.

Now, I find myself at the start of a new business with the promise of billions of dollars in profit and in need of some accounting software again.  Nothing fancy, and preferably free.  I looked around, played with one or two apps that proved to be useless and then came across Wave.

Wave is the real deal.  It’s a full accounting program, and for the most part it is free for the average single person small business.  I’ve been playing with it now for a couple of weeks and so far it looks like it will work fine.  The free version provides all the features I need, add in transactions, sales, expenses, and if I want link to a bank account.  It has reports, a ledger, you can add in products, vendors, customers, all that accounting stuff.  The free version does have ads but they are off to the side and not a distraction.  Other features like payroll incur a fee but since I am a one fritter operation that won’t be necessary.  I haven’t seen the mobile version yet, no app as far as I know but I like what Wave does so far.  It provides accounting for a small go nowhere, do nothing business like I have without paying out what few dollars I do make.  It looks ideal for any similar small, mobile business.

More and more, with programs like Wave, Square, a smartphone, and an iPad or laptop, and anyone can create a small business.  All you need is a product to sell and customers to buy it.  It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur.

Capt. Fritter