Mar 102013

This past week, for the second month in a row, I received the holy grail of writingdom.  The be all, end all, that every single person from grade school to old fart dreams of when they commence to stringing words and punctuation together in some sort of coherent form.  I received a royalty payment for my book.

That’s right fellow Fritters, a year ago I could not spell auter, authior,…writer.  Now I is one.  A professional one at that.  I’ve hit the big time.  Movie rights, guest appearances on talk shows, and Pulitzer Prizes are surely right around the corner.  Fame and fortune are mine at last, thanks to my hidden talents with the written word.  It’s all downhill from here.

Well, sorta kinda downhill.  Ok, so the amount wasn’t enough to cover a trip to the grocery store.  There were no commas in the dollar amount.  But hey, you take your victories as you can get them.  Just the idea that someone felt that my words had monetary value is still pretty cool.  It proves that despite a poor education in English classes with a teacher who had the personality of a stick of furniture, a person can turn a buck or two if they are armed with a computer, a copy of iBooks Author, and an idea for a book.  The age of self publishing is here.  There is no middle man like a publisher who can tell you that your work is no good.  The open marketplace makes that determination.  Since the book is digital there is very little cost involved, and no trees are killed in the process.  And you can easily go back and re edit, update, or revise your words at your digression.

If writing is something you always wanted to try, and get paid for, now is a good time to take a stab at it.  We all have a story or two to tell.  Why not try and tell your’s?   Whether anyone will pay to read it is not a given.  But they can’t read it if you don’t write it….now can they?

Capt. Fritter



  3 Responses to “Amateur No More…”

  1. C.F.,

    Have you considered authoring a digital book regarding the advantages of a minimalist lifestyle? I especially enjoy reading your articles pertaining to minimalism and I suspect that many other readers do too. I’ll buy the first copy!


  2. congrats cap!
    a major bear hug heading your way.
    no fair ducking out on it.
    smiling here.

  3. Awesome job! I’m one of the many who just couldn’t resist and purchased your book – I just got started last weekend and I am making my way through it. So far, so good – very helpful info. Thanks so much! One again – you inspire me to chase after my dreams and goals! Whoops – was that another angel raising a glass? 🙂