Mar 192013

Or even if you weren’t.  That photo up there in the header was taken about 30 minutes after a sunset.  It’s a shot of Key West Harbor from near the Turtle Kraals restaurant on the right.  Here is the view from the same spot during the day…



Both taken using the iPhone 4S with iOS 6.0 and that cool panorama option on the camera.

Capt. Fritter

That light blue part on the top half of the picture is called, “the sky”.  That’s what it actually is supposed to look like.  Not a gray mass of cold, lifeless, nothingness.  The dark blue is called, “the ocean”.  That is what it is supposed to look like as opposed to a muddy, ice choked, frozen wasteland. And oh yeah, those green things hanging from that tree on the left are called, “leaves”.  They stay like that all year round.

You should come down here sometime and see it for yourself.

  9 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering…”

  1. Cool picture capt. I ordered 12 oysters at the turtle kraals when we were down there. Expecting a typical oyster, I figured that would be a great warm up for my meal. Well, when they came out, I was surprised to see the monsters on my plate. They were the biggest oysters I had ever eaten. I have worked in a few seafood restaurants and am familiar with east and west coast oysters. But that was my first foray into the beasts of the local waters. Advice to folks who go, try 6 first. (Funny, as soon as I write this, someone will order them and they will be the size of those little west coast Washington state oysters)

    • Most of our oysters come from Apalachicola located in the corner of Northern Florida where the peninsula starts. Very sweet and tasty. Best in the winter time and when BP ain’t spilling oil all over the Gulf of Mexico.
      C. F.

    • Your link regarding the royalties from Amazon was pretty interesting. I’ve known all along that unless you write the next wizard series or come up with some really good material, writing ain’t gonna pay the bills. However, with the ability to self publish now, anyone can bring in a few dollars a lot easier than going through the middle man. What you may lack in marketing power you gain in higher returns on your work.
      C. F.

  2. wow. that’s a perfect header shot too. now i don’t know which one i like the best.
    will have to visit both here i guess. along with the fritterisms.

  3. Keep on posting the pictures captain! It’s helping me stay on track and I’m making a beeline for the goal as fast as I can!

    It warmed up to 70 here today. It drops to 30’s tonight and stays cold the rest of the week – low of twenty-freakin-eight Thursday night.

    I’m ready for some changes in latitudes!

    • Keep an eye on your goal but don’t rush too fast. That’s when mistakes can be made. Take care of the important stuff first, the debt, the possessions, etc. It will all come together soon enough. But those days when it got cold like that, only spurned me to work harder to get to someplace warm.
      C. F.

      • Oh now worries there – debt will be paid off and all things in line before hitting goal. I’m working to do everything I can to get it all paid off – I’m getting closer, which is good! Just HATE the cold weather. And I’m only in NC – don’t even want to think about what people are experiencing in the north east right now!

  4. On the royalties that guy received, were they just one weeks worth of payment or was that all he received? I always imagined a best seller making lots of money, but if he received 12K for being on the best sellers list for just one week, that’s a nice chunk of change.

    • If I could pull in $12,000 a year writing I would consider that to be a major success.
      C. F.