Mar 202013

With the Pedal Fritters site shut down, I found I had a few half decent posts still on there, so as a service to past readers and for new ones, I’m going to repost some of those old posts now and then.  Which is an excuse for not getting off my fat lazy ass and writing new content.  But too, bad.  Here we go…

1. No matter how wide the path, somebody will find a way to be in your way.

2. Bicycle riders are always smiling.

3. Runners never smile. In fact they always look like they are on the verge of a massive heart attack.

4. Driving while texting or talking on a phone is bad. Doing it on a bicycle is flat out stupid,

5. A ride around Key West takes you through 5 distinct areas, beaches, new town, mid town, old town, and shopping. Each one is like riding through a completely different town.

6. I would rather ride along the beach and harbor instead any country path at anytime.

7. A rusty old single speed, coaster brake, with no hand grips and a milk crate for storage works just as well as any multi thousand dollar cross country tourer on the island.

8. A 20 knot east wind makes for a rough ride home.

9. There are more bike parking racks than car spaces in Key West. And they are all free.

10. A tourist has no concept of checking in both directions before crossing a street or path.

11. Bicycle brakes stop you way faster than car brakes.

12. A bicycle is the bestest gift you can give a kid.

13. It ain’t a bad gift for an adult either.

14. Never let your mother come along the first time you ride a bicycle.

15. Sometimes it’s best to just pull off to the side and let all the car traffic clear out.

16. There is nothing scarier than a tourist who is on a bicycle for the first time since they were a teenager.

17. Never go shopping for bike accessories at the Kmart the day after Xmas. The bicycle dept. looks like a war zone.

18. Never underestimate the value of a bungee cord.

19. Vehicles will brake for chickens before they would brake for a bicycle.

20. Riding around an island in 80° weather beats the hell out of a sleigh ride in the freezing cold.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “20 Things I Learned About Riding A Bike In Key West…”

  1. All 20 of those things are absolutely true! I’ve never had a bad time riding my bike, and I’m fortunate to live where I can get to most places by bike. I’m particularly baffled by the texting while riding; I’ve seen that a lot recently.