Mar 292013

A new free service has been added here in the Keys for liveaboards, particularly those who don’t reside in marinas.  Pumpout Florida Keys is now offering free pump outs of holding tanks for all recreational boats in unincorporated waters of the Keys.  The service is similar to what the county was providing before, but they were charging for pump outs.  As a result, many vessels, especially those on the hook or on mooring balls, were just dumping their waste over the side, illegally, rather than pay the money.  Now, through grants, and taxes, the county, in an effort to get said vessels into compliance is offering free, once a week, pump outs.

It’s a no brainer here.  To sign up is easy.  You can do so on the website or get an application.  They find your vessel, slap on a sticker and give you an orange flag to signal when you need a pump out, and the rest is easy.  You don’t even need to be on the vessel, just have the plumbing set for pump out.

The marina I am in will be doing it as their pump out system doesn’t work half the time and they charge way too much for the service.  Putting in a little porta potti on the Fritter is a high priority item now and with the free pump out it will save me many a nightly walk up the plank to the community bath room.

Nobody has an excuse now for dumping their sewage over the side.  It’s free to get pumped out.  Easy to sign up for the service.  And all you have to do is fill the tank.  If you are on a vessel down here, go to the site and see if you qualify, then sign on and whiz away to your heart, or bladder’s content.

Capt. Fritter

From cold weather to moving to Hawaii to pumping out shit.  Say what you will about the Fritter, at least it’s diverse!

  5 Responses to “Living Aboard, Pumpout Florida Keys…”

  1. Immediately made me think of Mel Brook’s History of the World Part 1, during the Roman Empire. “It will pipe the shit right out of your house!”

  2. god. do you get tired of my LOL here? but you do. you can make me literally laugh right out loud.
    and since i got a little cheeky with my last comment i thought i’d keep my distance for a bit.
    but can’t.
    this is such good news captain. you know. for the ocean and all.
    good news. and even a little is better’n none. right?
    here’s to no more long walks at night! personally i’d of kept me a neat little bucket with a tight lid.

  3. Have you thought about something like a marine composting toilet? I’ve heard a lot of good things on those from other boater blogs / forums – simple and better for environment. However, I haven not really looked into them – I think they are prob pretty pricey but most of the boaters say it was the best investment they made. I need to do more research, but wasn’t sure if you had looked into it at all yet

    • Yup, I have looked at them. This is the brand I would get if I went that way.
      Not sure about where to send the compost though. I haven’t searched that much lately. On this particular boat, it’s probably not worth the cost as I can add a porta potty for about $200. One client owes me some money and just happens to have a nice one that he may consider giving me in lieu of money. We are still negotiating.
      The boat already has the vent and pump out deck fitting so all I need to add is the hoses and clamps.
      Should I ever get into a more better boat, especially a Gemini, a compost toilet will be a consideration. In fact I saw one equipped with the airhead once and it was what got me into some research on it. Very nice little set up as toilets go.
      C. F.