Mar 302013

According to a latest report, Key’s residents are healthier, skinnier, but we drink and smoke too much.  Our air cleaner, water less polluted, and as a highlight, the Key’s have fewer fast food joints.  Interesting side fact, there are more liquor and tobacco licenses here than any other county in Florida.  My only question:  where the hell are all these healthy skinny people?  The only ones I see are the smokers and drinkers.

Capt. Fritter

Must be in the upper Keys someplace.

  4 Responses to “I Told You It Was Better Living In The Keys…”

  1. Totally off topic – what do you know about quality and sailing ability of a nonsuch? I’m looking at different boats and this one continues to pop up in my searches and seems to be a good one as far as simplicity of one sail.

    • Unfamiliar with the boat. And my own sailing abilities are quite limited. However, from a esthetic point of view, and this is strictly a matter of personal taste and in no way reflects how good or bad the brand is, I personally ain’t much of a fan of the catboat style. I prefer the classic sloop design myself. But don’t let my opinion persuade you either way.
      C. F.

      • Thanks! I’m still weighing options on the type of boat…one thing I do like about a catboat like the nonsuch is that it appears to be easier to handle, but I do like a sloop too. I need to try a catboat out to get a feel for it though.

  2. I can always count on you Captain to make sure we stay motivated to move (South!)!